GoodWe sees a bright future in building sustainable SEA cities

GoodWe sees a bright future in building sustainable SEA cities

Asia's shift to solar power brings hope to a cleaner and greener economy.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- For the past decades, Southeast Asia (SEA) has seen rapid economic growth, with countries such as Singapore marking their position as part of the largest economies in the world and some of the fastest-growing economies. However, this notable growth trajectory has created certain energy challenges, consequently, reared concerns over its long-term environmental impact. The Asian Development Bank reported in 2020 that Southeast Asian countries recorded the fastest growth for carbon dioxide emissions in the world between 1990 and 2010. Because of this energy-related air pollution, 450,000 premature deaths have been recorded in 2018. It may even reach 650,000 by 2040.

Supplying the growing consumption through traditional sources, like coal and fossil fuels, alone may not meet the growing demands over the coming years, let alone its potential contribution to climate change and damage to the environment. The need to shift to renewable energy arose. As the main contribution of the renewable industry, solar energy is more and more recognized and valued.

GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co Ltd., a world-leading solar inverter and energy storage solutions manufacturer, understood the need for the overall change of transforming the global energy system as a whole and meeting the Sustainable Development Goals on energy (SDG) set by the United Nations.

"GoodWe is one of the big players, we are a leader in smart energy, and our slogan, 'createa new era of smart energy', reflects that. Working for the [renewable energy] industry requires courage and dedication; it is a global dream, competing with traditional fossil fuels and achieving a win-win situation for the world," said Jell Jiang, head of GoodWe Southeast & Central Asia.

GoodWe was heavily involved in various projects in South East Asia, tackling the need for renewable energy. By providing C&I + Utility inverters, storage solutions, and Smart Energy Management System across different countries in Asia, GoodWe has played a key role in  providing technical support and other solutions to governments to achieve their goal in adapting more renewable sources of energy

"PV development in Southeast Asia is related to the national economic system and sometimes relies on policy support, especially large-scale consumption requires the support from government incentives. Apart from this, overseas funds or loans for investment will also be a good way to increase [return on investment]. GoodWe can show the market that times have changed, the situation is different from 10 years ago; solar systems can meet grid parity or more economical solutions. We are also committed to customizing product design, provide dynamic solutions and give real benefits to our customers and end-users.The local bonded/after-sales warehouse is currently under preparations and will soon be operating. We are also considering production line localization to keep up with rapid market growth. GoodWe certainly treats SEA as a high priority market," Jell concluded.

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