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Govee Debuts Redesigned TV Backlight with Envisual Technology for an Immersive Home Theater Viewing Experience

Govee Debuts Redesigned TV Backlight with Envisual Technology for an Immersive Home Theater Viewing Experience

The World's First Dual-Camera Color-Match Product Captures the Most Accurate and Vivid Colors on Screen

HONG KONG, Sept. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Govee, a global leader in smart lighting and RGBIC technology, announced the launch of the TV Backlight T2, the world's first dual-camera color-match TV backlight with enhanced color-matching accuracy. Its innovative dual-camera design and patented Govee Envisual technology ensure industry-leading accuracy and provide users with an elevated home entertainment experience. The Envisual-supported TV Backlight T2 provides a "wow" factor for TV viewers through exact, vibrant color-matching lights designed to amplify any movie, show or game.

The First-Ever Dual-Camera TV Backlight to Upgrade The Home Theater Experience
Improving upon Govee's original model that captured 171K pixel dots every half-second, the dual-camera TV Backlight T2 captures 354K pixel dots in the same time frame, increasing the color-matching accuracy by 40%.

Using Govee's patented color-match Envisual technology and algorithm, the T2 uses a "zone-division" capture method to divide the screen into several zones for the most accurate, vibrant color matching to align with what's on-screen. Moreover, the backlight automatically adjusts its algorithm according to different types of video, delivering customized and specific lighting effects for every piece of content.

Vivid and Smooth Effects to Create a Truly Immersive Environment
The Govee TV Backlight T2 is ultra-dense with 60 RGBIC light beads per meter (double of the amount in the previous generation) providing for a large wall washing effect. It also incorporates IC (Independent Control) chips in the individual lights to simultaneously display multiple colors and effects in a single segment. This provides a more natural and smooth lighting experience between scenes. Additionally, the combination of lighting sequences with color changes on the monitor creates a visual effect that essentially erases the border between the monitor and the wall. This makes the monitor appear bigger and reduces eye strain.

Users can pair the TV Backlight T2 with DreamView mode through the Govee Home App, syncing to other Govee smart lights for an even more impactful viewing experience. The Govee TV Backlight T2 is easy to install and works seamlessly with voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It's also compatible with CEC, HDMI, DolbyVision, 8K screens, and select streaming services.

Market availability dates and pricing for the 55-65 inch model are as follows:

  • United States: Sept. 26, 2022 for $139.99
  • Germany: Sept 30, 2022 for 149.99€
  • United Kingdom: Nov. 14, 2022 for 149.99£

The 75-85 inch version will be available in the United States in early October with wider market availability to be announced at a later date. Both models will be available through and Amazon.

About Govee
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