Gram Offers Animation And Video Production Services In Singapore

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach  - 28 August 2020 -  Gram started in 2014 helping B2B companies with their proprietary G.R.A.M. Full-stack Video Framework, to accelerate brand awareness and thought leadership, helping them to command premium prices and supercharge their growth.

They have evolved to be trusted by many MNCs and Government clients worldwide and in Singapore, as the video expert in producing animated explainer videos and video production, offering an array of sales solutions in the form of videos, ranging from interview videos, educational thought leadership videos, to corporate video production , social media video ads, and more.

More than just an video animation studio , they are focused on creating high-quality videos that are tailored towards a company's branding and communication objectives. Depending on each company's needs, when they engage in Gram's services, the process starts with their full-stack video framework that involves knowing the video goals, the target audience, and more.

Thereafter, the selection of video types will take place, ranging from 2D animation and 3D animation to video production, motion graphics and live stream videos . With a variety of video solutions, the most suitable one will be recommended before proceeding with a video strategy brief. This includes commercial, educational, infographic, training, testimonial and social media video production .

Be it an animation production or live action video production , Gram has refined a comprehensive video blueprint to put together a video that provides an immersive experience and achieves exceptional results. From script, casting, voice over to editing, animation and graphic effects, the entire process will be handled by an inhouse team of creative enthusiasts and professionals for a captivating video.

Video production is an important tool to have in a brand's digital marketing toolbox. Not only do companies get to create clarity, raise awareness and establish credibility with a compelling story, the video can also be used for marketing purposes. When a video is entertaining, engaging and easy to digest, this presents the opportunity for brands to potentially gain a huge return on investment (ROI) through many channels. Gram has created successful video campaigns over the years, knowing that, when properly optimised, videos can work wonders for a brand's SEO, PPC, Facebook Ads and more -- to help spread the word and boost conversions.

As Gram seeks to expand their reach to help companies with their visual communication needs, Impossible Marketing is their digital partner to help execute effective digital marketing campaigns that can enhance engagement, boost awareness and drive new business for their video production services.