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Grand Rapids Dentist: Experiencing Superior Dentistry with Cutting-Edge Technology and a Personal Touch

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Westside Dental GR is a leading dental clinic renowned for its patient-centric care and highly experienced dental staff.

For many, visiting the dentist won’t make it on their favorite to-do list. To sit with your jaw spread wide and tools whirling in your mouth is not only uncomfortable but quite intimidating for many people. However, stepping into the Westside Dental GR clinic, patients will be surprised by its welcoming ambiance and friendly staff that will make you feel at ease. A quick read of their Google reviews confirms this.  

Westside Dental GR is the go-to Grand Rapids dentist that checks all the boxes patients seek in the ideal dentist. With professional competence, compassionate care, and a comfortable environment, the clinic is committed to providing patient-centric care through state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team of professionals, redefining the dental experience while setting new standards in oral health within the Grand Rapids community.

Headed by Dr. Allyson Mulder (DMD), the Westside Dental GR team understands that a visit to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing for many patients. And that’s where Oliver, the adorable dog, comes in. Oliver has been trained to provide joy and comfort to all that come in for their dental appointments. By simply patting or petting Oliver, one can quickly decrease their anxiety levels for a much more enjoyable day at the dentist. As you can tell, the clinic’s mission is to provide the highest quality dentistry and patient care available to Grand Rapids residents and they take this all rather seriously..

“At Westside Dental GR, we believe in effective communication. New patients are encouraged to complete forms before their initial appointment so that time during the first visit is used to get to know the patient rather than spent on paperwork. Not only do we clearly explain procedures to the patients, but we educate them with all of the details of the treatment. This approach empowers them with pertinent information about their oral health and fosters a lasting partnership between the dental team and our patients,” said Dr. Mulder.

A fourth-generation dentist who developed a passion for the practice from watching her father work in the dental lab of their family home, Mulder continues to hone her skills and knowledge, earning certifications in specialized areas such as cosmetic dentistry. She is among the top specialists in Michigan and a highly regarded authority in TMJ and sleep disorders. 

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With a commitment to excellence, the clinic has made substantial investments in cutting-edge dental technology, boasting the latest diagnostic equipment and dentistry tools such as digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, 3D imaging systems, Itero scanners, and more, enhancing the precision of diagnoses while enabling more accurate treatment planning, minimizing discomfort, and optimizing outcomes.

As a full-service clinic, Westside Dental GR offers dental treatments for every age group, providing general dentistry services for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various conditions, disorders, and diseases affecting the teeth, gums, jaws, and face.

Regular oral health check-ups and maintenance are necessary to prevent the development of serious dental problems that may require more extensive and costly treatments. The clinic’s professional team is highly trained and skilled at scaling, bonding, dental fillings, root canal therapy, crowns and bridges, dentures, dental implants, Invisalign, periodontal treatment, and orthodontics. The clinic also provides emergency dental services for those that can’t afford to wait. 

Dr. Allyson Mulder specializes in cosmetic dentistry, Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ), and Sleep Disorders, employing the latest neuromuscular dental technology. The clinic's use of the Itero scanner expedites the treatment of TMJ and Sleep Apnea, making it a more comfortable experience.

As part of its mission to ensure the oral health of its community, Westside Dental GR offers flexible payment and financing options so patients can have access to exceptional treatment within their budgets. 

Westside Dental GR continues to raise the bar for dental care in Grand Rapids, inspiring confidence and trust in new and existing patients through compassionate service, exceptional care, and cutting-edge technology, with many 5-star ratings and impressive client reviews attesting to the clinic’s well deserved reputation.

About the Company:

Westside Dental GR is a leading dental practice conveniently located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Led by Dr. Allyson Mulder, the practice provides dedicated patient-centric care through a combination of advanced technology, skill, open communication, and compassion. With a focus on comprehensive services available for all ages, the practice is committed to creating a positive and welcoming environment for the community. Patients can receive superior treatments within their budget with several payment and financing options. The clinic can be contacted online or by phone.

Contact Info:
Name: Dr. Allyson Mulder
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Organization: Westside Dental GR
Address: 2005 Leonard Street NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
Phone: 1 (616) 453-5331

Release ID: 89116309

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