Great Place to Work Institute Announces "2017 Best Companies to Work For" in Greater China During Its Annual Event on December 7 in Shanghai

Jose Bezanilla, Greater China CEO for Great Place to Work Institute: "FOR ALL! That is the core value we're encouraging the leaders to embrace as part of their mission, while building their organizational cultures. A great workplace must be shaped FOR ALL!"

SHANGHAI, Dec. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2017 Great Place to Work® Greater China Conference and 2017 Best Companies to Work For® Greater China Awards Ceremony was held at Hilton Jingan Hotel, Shanghai, China, on December 7th, marking its 6th anniversary.

Best Companies to Work For(R) in Greater China 2017
Best Companies to Work For(R) in Greater China 2017

With a theme focusing on the concept "FOR ALL!", the overall discussion of the Conference was around how a great workplace that is inclusive and diverse is built, and what the big advantages of doing so are. It was mentioned as the next step for Management and HR today. Talents are needed to better run businesses and outperform competitors. These people may already be around them, but Management and HR need to consider all employees in order to revamp a culture that makes everybody feel welcomed to participate as a team or family and give their personal best.

"In this year's Great Place to Work® Conference, we confronted that 'diversity and inclusion' are more than just politically correct principles. They mean talents being competitive, being proud and having a clear feeling of their social contribution for a better society," said Jose Bezanilla, CEO of Great place to Work® in Greater China. 

The Conference was a great opportunity for sharing and networking. Around 120 people attended the event. Some very talented and knowledgeable people with diversed backgrounds were among the speakers of this exclusive event, sharing success cases and testimonials about managing great cultures and talents, that has inspired the whole audience. CEOs, VPs, HR Directors and even some of the world's best multinationals also shared how they have been handling their challenges.

"This [diversity and inclusion plan] should come in the package of best practices that need to be embraced by workplaces. And as part of the new global initiatives of the company, we're aiming to approach the market more aggressively and encourage more companies to engage in what we think is an unescapable initiative nowadays," said Denzel Xin, who is in charge of all the research for the Greater China team.

Another great take away from Bezanilla was that "if you want to maintain your leadership, if you want to reach it, if you want to break ground, you should ask yourself if your culture is facilitating the inclusion process as a way to discover and develop talent."

As the tradition continues, Great Place to Work Institute also celebrated the many accomplishments of great cultures in its list of Best Companies to Work For® in Greater China 2017. This year marks the 6thanniversary and there was excitement all around about it.

The pool of participating companies has kept on growing from year to year. At this year's deadline, 145 companies in Greater China were surveyed. The variety of industries got richer and the nature of the companies became more diversed, including local and state owned joint venture Chinese companies. In total, 33 companies have made it to the list and were presented with the award at the 2017 Best Companies to Work For® Greater China Awards Ceremony this year.

In 2018, Great Place to Work Institute wants to "make it easier for everybody, and include everybody". #gptw4all was shared as the 'motto' in name of the global CEO, Michael Bush.

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