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Greenheart CBD - Building a Global Brand Through Tokenized Innovation

Curragha, County Meath, Ireland, Dec 19, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - 2020 has been a very difficult year for many people. The uncertainty and fear caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy, have meant people have started to look at alternative products to help manage stress and anxiety.

One of the areas that have seen a huge increase in interest has been CBD products. CBD is the legal alternative to cannabis, as it is derived from the hemp plant, rather than its cousin the marijuana plant.

One Irish company that is leading the field in this area is Greenheart CBD. The company is based in County Meath, Ireland, and was formed two years ago by childhood friends Mark Canavan and Paul Walsh. Greenheart produces a full range of CBD oils - and shortly - edibles and balms to the retail market.

Although the company only began selling its CBD oil in January 2020, it already has over 1,500 customers and a repeat customer rate three times the industry average. Before launching Greenheart, Paul and Mark spent years researching extraction methods to produce the most effective CBD products for the end consumer, with full traceability from "seed to shelf".

Once the production model was finalized, Paul and Mark secured Irish government licensing, allowing them to grow hemp for the first time with farmers in County Wicklow. The process was covered extensively by RTE - Ireland's national TV broadcaster - and showcased the company's use of unique six feet Artificial Intelligence Drones to help grow, weed, and cultivate the CBD crop.

During CBD production, Greenheart used a number of unique processes and technology to ensure the quality of its product range. The company is the first CBD producer to use the full scope of "CBD Tech" in hemp cultivation - which includes Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Blockchain technology at each stage of the planting, harvesting, production, and retailing process.

Data gathered from AI drones (which continually monitor plant health) can be used to provide meaningful insights and data tracing for farmers and producers. The machines can ensure only the best plants are kept and matured and cut down massively on wasted crops and investment - vastly increasing the profit margin for CBD farmers.

The company's "Homogenized Cold Press" technology uses no chemicals, is low on energy consumption, and enables a zero-waste operation - producing only 2 natural products through our process. By utilizing QR codes the company stores data at each stage of the production process ensuring the highest quality, organic verification, and end-to-end product traceability.

The final CBD product can then be sold directly to consumers via Greenhearts new decentralized (dApps) marketplace, cutting out the traditional expensive middleman and keeping the product affordable for consumers.

Since the company's launch, Greenheart's CBD oil has been recommended in Vogue (UK), features on Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance, and won multiple awards at The Cannavist magazine. The company has also been nominated at the World CBD Awards in Barcelona 2021 and the founders were featured as part of last year's Sunday Independent "30 Under 30" business people to watch.

Greenheart Punt Token - Building a global brand

On 2 December 2020, the company launched its own product token - the Greenheart Punt - allowing its tokenholders to access its CBD products at the greatest possible discount.

The Greenheart Punt token is backed by a real commodity - 1,000 liters of Greenheart's CBD oil in year 1 (with a retail value of $4 million US dollars) - allowing token holders to redeem their tokens directly on the dApps marketplace for Greenheart CBD oil at a significant discount to the retail market price.

The token project is led by Shane Brett, a three times technology entrepreneur with decades of experience in scaling startup businesses and raising institutional investment. The Greenheart Punt has already been listed on the DigiFinex Exchange in Singapore - increasing from 10 cents USDT to over 25 cents USDT in its first two weeks of trading.

Building a global CBD brand

Funds raised in the Greenheart token sale are being used to build the brand globally, including expanding into the US and Asia, purchasing new land for CBD production, and building a state-of-the-art Decortication Plant, to enable an expansion into new product lines (e.g. insulation, Hempcrete, bio-plastics).

The company plans to develop a "modular franchise system" which will enable indigenous and minority groups, as well as established farmers, to utilize the land for the growing of hemp and CBD products worldwide.

Shane Brett, Greenheart CBD

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