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Griffith Institute to Collaborate with Australian Health Manufacturer ATP Science

Griffith Institute to Collaborate with Australian Health Manufacturer ATP Science

BRISBANE, Australia, Sept. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ATP Science Pty Ltd and Research Fellow Dr Miaomiao Liu from the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery have been awarded the Griffith Sciences Industry Collaborative Grant aimed at developing collaborations with industry partners/end-users.

Both ATP Science and Griffith University (GU) will work together to develop a novel plant extraction process and analyte detection methodology.

"ATP Science is optimistic that the collaboration between GU and ATP Science will provide synergistic outcomes for both parties in terms of knowledge and real-world applications that improve education, research and commercialisation," said Jeff Doidge, ATP Science Managing Director and Co-Founder.

Dr Liu will be working with ATP Science for the next 12 months under the mentorship of her scientific supervisor Prof Ron Quinn, AM, who is a world-renowned expert in natural products and medicinal chemistry.

"The collaboration with GU perfectly aligns with our core values to put traditional health medicine and science together to advance humanity. It's not East verses West, it is all about using science to understand and improve solutions to help people in all walks of life, from disease to performance," said Jeff Doidge.

ATP Science believes that the research collaboration with Griffith University will specifically yield new knowledge in novel plant extracts that can be incorporated into new and existing ATP Science supplement products to enhance the nutritional value delivered to clients and end-users of the products.

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Who is ATP Science:

ATP Science Pty Ltd is a health science company that creates and markets unique supplements, nutraceuticals and sports nutrition products. ATP Science was born out of an unlikely meeting between a graphic artist, a scientist and a businessman in 2010. The trio were brought together by a desire to change the world by making people better one person at a time, through science-backed and clinically tested innovative food supplements and nutrition. ATP Science identified that a significant proportion of supplements were found to be lacking efficacy and scientific support. Furthermore, ingredients were used at sub-optimal levels that did not fulfil the user's health needs. Consumers wanted quality products that actually provided the health and nutritional benefits they were seeking. ATP Science decided to bring products to market by looking at the problem and then identifying ways to solve it without worrying about what other companies were doing.

ATP Science's research and development, marketing and commercialisation teams work together on the concepts and formulations when developing their range of food supplements and nutritional products using natural ingredients and extracts.  ATP Science uses a broad network of collaborations including universities, independent health care professionals, international institutes, Australian farmers, raw material suppliers and government agencies.

The success of ATP Science's range of food supplements and nutritional products has resulted in the fast growth of the company. The company is now seeking to significantly expand its markets into North America, Europe and Asia.

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