GRL's Qi BST Tester Approved by Wireless Power Consortium for v1.2.4 Base Power Profile

Integrated, automated, full-featured solution makes Qi wireless charging testing fast, cost-effective and accessible

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Granite River Labs (GRL), a global leader in engineering services and test solutions for connectivity and charging, has announced that its GRL-WP-BST-C3 (GRL-C3) tester has been approved by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The efficient and full-featured Qi wireless charging compliance tester is now recognized as an official compliance tool for the Qi Base Power Profile (BPP) v1.2.4 specification.

Wireless power transmitter design and test offers great promise for developers, but it also presents unique design and test challenges. GRL-C3 offers a host of features, such as Qi Exerciser, Protocol & Trace Viewer, and detailed CTS-mapped test execution that provide flexibility for optimal test coverage and design confidence. GRL-C3 automates all required Qi Base Station tests, enabling product developers to quickly run full compliance and validation test suites at the push of a button, making it ideal for Qi-related R&D and compliance testing.

GRL-C3 simplifies wireless charging compliance for devices supporting all Baseline Power Profile (BPP) tests to Qi specification v1.2.4 and v1.3 for BPP, Extended Power Profile (EPP) and Qi authentication. The solution automates oscilloscope and temperature measurements and supports proprietary varieties of Qi wireless charging, providing flexibility for developers to quickly verify products following Qi standards.

"As a user-friendly and cost-effective Qi tester, GRL-C3 fills a void. It is a valuable tool that enables our engineers to instantaneously run all necessary Qi Base Station tests," said David Bailey, CEO of Xentris Wireless. "The new GRL-C3 is an important addition to both GRL's and Xentris Wireless' test solution portfolios for wired and wireless technologies. By increasing confidence and capability, it will help us to reduce costs, accelerate R&D, and get products to market faster."

"The new GRL-C3 is a great addition to GRL's portfolio of test solutions for wired and wireless technologies, helping to reduce costs and accelerate product introduction," said Mayur Mehta, Vice President of Engineering for indie Semiconductor, "indie is pleased to have worked diligently with GRL to finalize this product's readiness and confirm its full compliance to the WPC's specification, thus providing the industry with another reliable option for compliance testing."

"GRL is proud to support the growing Wireless Charging Qi ecosystem by releasing this new, WPC-approved Qi wireless charging compliance tester for BPP," said Vamshi Kandalla, GRL's Chief Strategy Officer, "GRL-C3 leverages GRL's expertise in wired and wireless charging to provide a full-featured, integrated solution that enables Qi developers to release reliable and robust wireless charging products efficiently and cost-effectively."

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Qi is a registered trademark of WPC.

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Founded in Silicon Valley in 2010, Granite River Labs (GRL) is a leading provider of end-to-end testing, certification and compliance services and related proprietary instrumentation and software solutions to support development and commercialization of sophisticated connected devices. GRL helps engineers solve tough design and validation challenges. GRL was founded with a vision to provide affordable test services to help hardware developers implement digital interface technologies as they become faster, more complex, and more challenging to test. GRL has worked with hundreds of companies supporting the adoption of new and emerging technologies from their worldwide test facilities and R&D centers. GRL's combination of market-leading technical expertise, broad capabilities across connectivity and charging technologies, and intense focus on quality and customer service excellence has led to rapid growth and recognition as the "go to" expert. Through ongoing testing on retail devices using GRL testers, GTrusted serves as the electronics industry's connectivity database, using a standardized framework to enable anyone to consistently determine proper device behavior.

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About the Wireless Power Consortium

Established in 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium is an open, collaborative standards development group of more than 500 member companies from around the globe. WPC's member companies are large and small competitors and ecosystem partners representing brands from all parts of the industry and all parts of the globe. Our members collaborate with a single purpose: worldwide compatibility of all wireless chargers and wireless power sources. As wireless charging continues to evolve beyond consumer handheld devices, there are myriad of other new applications, such as laptops, tablets, drones, robots, connected car and the intelligent cordless kitchen. The WPC maintains and develops standards for a variety of different wireless power applications.

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