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Ground-Breaking SIRIUS Endoscope System Is Leading the Next Minimally Invasive Surgical Revolution

Ground-Breaking SIRIUS Endoscope System Is Leading the Next Minimally Invasive Surgical Revolution

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HONG KONG, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded in 2017 and based in Hong Kong Science Park, an innovative robotic start-up company, Precision Robotics (Hong Kong) Limited (PRHK), has entered a significant milestone with its revolutionary flagship product—SIRIUS Endoscope System. The SIRIUS system is a fully integrated 3D HD compact camera system with a single-use flexible tip that can change its viewing direction. It is intended for advanced laparoscopic procedures, such as Single Incision Surgeries and Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgeries (NOTES). 

Precision Robotics’ SIRIUS Robotic Flexible Endoscope System
Precision Robotics’ SIRIUS Robotic Flexible Endoscope System

Dedication to Driving the Landscape of Precision Surgery Forward

"One of PRHK's goals is to move from human-assisted surgery towards an increasingly automated solution, by implementing revolutionary products, like articulated endoscopes and other surgical systems," said Founder, Professor Guang-Zhong Yang.

Over the past two decades, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has transformed the field of Gynaecology Oncology and become the new paradigm of surgical oncology in selected gynaecological cancers and patients. MIS has progressed from multi-port to Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgeries (SILS), and Vaginal NOTES.

It is widely known that the MIS approach improves outcomes, including decreased blood loss, perioperative complications, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery when compared to laparotomy (open surgery). However, the range of surgical movement and clashing of instruments are critical restrictions of MIS when using conventional endoscopes.

SIRIUS Endoscope System Advances MIS

PRHK is one such enterprise that strives to address these key issues, changing the landscape of precision surgery and MIS.

"Dedicated to delivering excellent healthcare, the team at PRHK promises to make tremendous investments with novel engineering discoveries, with their innovative products that bridge the unmet needs in the minimally invasive surgical workflow, resulting in better surgical performance and outcomes for the patients," said Professor Guang-Zhong Yang.

The SIRIUS system offers two distinct advantages compared with conventional laparoscopes in the surgical workflow.

  1. The single-use disposable laparoscope ensures sterility  and no downtime for sterilization in between cases. 
  2. The articulated tip with 3 degrees of freedom enables C-shaped and S-shaped bending and provides a wider field of view, which is particularly advantageous in minimally invasive SILS and vNOTEs procedures, where the clashing of instruments is a technical hurdle when using conventional endoscopes.

This ground-breaking design is especially beneficial for advanced laparoscopic procedures.

The system's stereo camera of 1080p high-definition resolution and 3D imaging provides a high-quality view of the surgical site. The bright white light source is installed on purpose to illuminate deeper parts of the targeted field, for precise and accurate operations.

Benefits to Both Patients and Surgeons

Conventional laparoscopic camera systems have a limited field of view. Thus articulated camera systems, such as the SIRIUS system, have come to market to address these issues.

A first-in-human, IDEAL stage 1 and 2a study, and prospective case series of an articulated laparoscopic camera system in MIS in gynaecology indicate that the SIRIUS system, with its revolutionary features, has early indications for safety and efficacy for intermediate and major minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures in gynaecology.

The system also offers numerous distinct advantages to both surgeons and patients. The once extremely invasive procedures are now minimally invasive with better cosmesis, greater visibility and larger motion range, thus achieving precision surgery, with the support of the SIRIUS system—a sophisticated articulated instrument.  

Without these visualization advancements, most MIS procedures would be impossible to perform with the required levels of accuracy and reliability. This pioneering advancement in MIS promises personalized healthcare and quality-of-life improvements for patients.

There is no disputing the value these advanced visualization camera systems bring to the MIS industry.

Ongoing Clinical Trials

"Nevertheless, the next milestone for the articulated SIRIUS  system is right ahead. PRHK has partnered with leading medical institutions and world-renowned surgeons to carry out the next phase of clinical trials," continued Professor Guang-Zhong Yang

About Precision Robotics (Hong Kong) Limited

Precision Robotics (Hong Kong) Limited (PRHK) is a spin-out company from the Hamlyn Centre of Imperial College London in the UK, a world-leading research group in surgical robotics. Founded in 2017 by Professor Guang-Zhong Yang, PRHK aims to develop precise, agile, and intelligent surgical robotics systems to advance minimally invasive care for patients based on a strong heritage in fundamental research.

The team at PRHK consists of internationally leading experts in surgical robotics, image-guided intervention, and biomedical imaging & sensing technologies. Being an audacious problem solver, PRHK's goal is to move from human-assisted surgery towards an increasingly automated solution to implement robotic endoscopy and other surgical systems, so as to support the future of precision surgery for early intervention and personalized healthcare and improve the quality of life after surgery.

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