GROUND Inc. Collaborates with HIT Robot Group, Major Robot Companies in China

GROUND Inc. Collaborates with HIT Robot Group, Major Robot Companies in China

- Working Together to Establish and Jointly Demonstrate Intelligent Logistics Centers (R) (*), Aiming for Logistics Infrastructure Reform in China -

TOKYO, Aug. 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- GROUND Inc. (hereinafter "GROUND") announced on August 24 that it will collaborate with HIT Robot Group of China (hereinafter "HRG"), a major in robotics, in a joint demonstration of new solution technology aimed at establishing a next-generation logistics platform linking major cities under the One Belt One Road Initiative.

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Robots and AI are important components of Intelligent Logistics (R) (*), its original concept that GROUND has been advocating and promoting globally to the logistics industry. It aims to optimize logistics operations through analysis of data on stock, resources, and other elements using the logistics AI software, DyAS (R) (*), in addition to the application of state-of-the-art robots for practical operations.

In the collaboration, GROUND and HRG will build a logistics platform for Intelligent Logistics Centers (R) (*), which are next-generation logistics facilities that realize Intelligent Logistics (R) (*), and conduct a joint demonstration of logistics technologies such as robots and AI. In the logistics platform that the two companies aim to build, diverse logistics data will be accumulated and utilized, enabling automation and quicker operation by robots while AI ensures proper operations and creates rules. The companies plan to create a new service model, in which data will be linked between companies and between logistics facilities, and logistics assets will be liquidated, thereby enabling both software and hardware to be shared.


In addition, given the ongoing rapid growth of the Chinese e-commerce market, sweeping logistics reform is called for in the Chinese city of Yiwu, which is one of the major cities under the One Belt One Road Initiative and one of the largest wholesale markets in Asia.

Through the joint demonstration of logistics technologies such as robots and AI and the establishment of a logistics platform, GROUND and HRG will promote the reform of the logistics infrastructure that supports Chinese wholesale markets, including the city of Yiwu, which plays an important role in the One Belt One Road Initiative. The companies aim to contribute to developing the global logistics network, including China, and improving its efficiency in the future.

Hiratomo Miyata, CEO at GROUND Inc., says: "At GROUND, we aim to provide new values to the international logistics and distribution industry with Intelligent Logistics (R). It is therefore a great honor for us to collaborate with HRG."

Wang Hongbo, CEO at HIT Robot Group, says: "Through this collaboration, HRG will promote the establishment and operation of Intelligent Logistics Centers (R) with the offering of state-of-the-art solutions. Therefore, it will contribute to the creation of a next-generation infrastructure in the logistics and distribution industry of China."

GROUND and HRG will share each other's technologies and expertise and strive to play a role in the reform of logistics infrastructure of China.

(*): "Intelligent Logistics Center (R)", "Intelligent Logistics (R)" and "DyAS(R)" are registered trademarks or trademarks of GROUND Inc.

About GROUND Inc.
GROUND provides innovative solutions based on the world's most advanced technologies in the logistics and distribution industry (LogiTech), aiming to achieve Intelligent Logistics (R), its original concept that applies the latest technologies such as AI and robotics.

About HIT Robot Group
HRG has successfully cultivated 40-plus tech companies with great market potential. These companies range from smart factories and industrial robotics to service robotics and special operation robotics. Adopting a creative incubation model, HRG aims to build a unique robotics biosphere in China and foster a new type of business.

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