Growcheck, The First IoT Body Measurement Device Ever, Now Available on Kickstarter

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Growcheck, a compact home vertical weight scale that allows parents to manage their own weight and the growth of their child, has been launched on Kickstarter. Growcheck aims to bring new point of views to home health care systems.

Growcheck, The First IoT Body Measurement Device -The first vertical weight scale; The front part slides down when you press the button.
Growcheck, The First IoT Body Measurement Device -The first vertical weight scale; The front part slides down when you press the button.

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"In a world where human lives are driven mostly by technology, home health care systems have become more important and we realized that home weight scales do not give any consideration to kid's health, they are all adult-centered items," says the founder and CEO, Gyeonghwan NOH, who has leveraged his expertise in industrial engineering field. "That's how we started our Growcheck journey."

Unlike other weight scales, Growcheck was designed with a touch of modernism. It has a vertical shape that looks sleek and futuristic. The device is a compact device which measures weight and height at the same time. There is an application which also brings new ideas and considerations to health care platforms.

Growcheck eliminates home accidents, such as trip-and-fall accidents, caused by traditional scales due to its vertical stand-type design. Furthermore, its elegant and modern look makes it one of the indispensable parts of home décor.

Growcheck comes with a solution application that does growth analysis, and gives solutions if there is any abnormality found in kids' growth status. Adults can track their body measurements and daily habits through application, as well.

Gyeonghwan Noh, the founder and the CEO of Knowledge-Seek & Company, adds, "Growcheck is not only a smart compact device, but also a simple health care platform that allows anyone to use it easily. We emphasize the importance of growth and are trying to make the technology usable at homes."

Pre-order of Growcheck is available from October 18, 2017 to January 3, 2018 on Kickstarter, and it is a consumer-ready product. Those who have tested and tried out the device reported on their positive experiences, and several of these testimonials can be seen on the product's Kickstarter page. When the Kickstarter campaign funding goal is achieved, the company anticipates manufacturing and delivery to be completed in February of 2018.

During the Kickstarter Campaign, the product can be pre-ordered starting at $79 for the Super Early Bird with retail pricing expected to be $159 for each device unit.

About Knowledge-Seek & Company

Knowledge-Seek & Company is a tech startup company founded in 2013, in South Korea. The company was awarded with 4 gold medals in Pittsburgh INPEX and made 5000 subscription sales with its initial device, Phyctogram, which was a wall-hanger-type height measuring device. Knowledge-Seek & Company is now preparing to enter global markets with Growcheck.


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