Guotai Junan Retained the Status as 'China's Most Influential Research Institution' in New Fortune Best Analyst Selection

SHANGHAI, Nov. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The 15th session of New Fortune Best Analyst selection results recently released. Guotai Junan won the first prize of New Fortune "the most influential research institution" for the third consecutive year, ranking the 2nd in New Fortune "Top 10 research teams in China".

In the industry selection, Guotai Junan maintains its advantages over other competitors in financial engineering, non-metallic building materials, wholesale and retail, banking, small and medium-sized market value research etc. In pulp and paper industry, household appliances, pharmaceutical and biological industry, non-bank finance, social services, transportation and warehousing, Guotai Junan takes the second place.

As Huang Yanming, the head of Guotai Junan stock & bond research institute said, "Talent is the core competence of the research. Guotai Junan pay most attention to our own research talent cultivating, training and echelon construction to cope with the high rate of talent turnover. In addition, the inheritance of research ideas and methods, the internal mechanism of efficient collaboration and the cultural atmosphere are also the secrets that Guotai Junan research stay at the leading edge in the stock and bond research."

It is reported that since 2005, Guotai Junan research institute has designed and developed the internal management system, which is the one of the first brokerage firm research institutions in China to use the research management system. At present, research provided by Guotai Junan has been in a well-functioning collaboration mechanism among the traditional research, the sales transaction and the compliance wind control, cooperating with more resources to provide the institutional investors with all-round, one-stop and customized services.

"New Fortune Best Analyst" selection hosted by the New Fortune magazine, is one of the most highly recognized and influential selections in China's stock and bond industry. The selection this year is the 15th session.


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