H3C Releases New Data Center Solution to Embrace Era of High-speed Switching

BEIJING, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- New H3C Group, subsidiary of TSINGHUA Unigroup initially released the 400G data center solution collaborated with Intel recently. This solution consists of the H3C's 400G S12500X-CF switch and the currently launched 400G silicon optical module of Intel. The QSFP-DD port adopted by the 400G S12500X-CF switch launched by H3C will serve as the official standard of the 400G port of the global Ethernet switch to promote the development of the core switch and the entire network.

The S12500X-CF switch supports all line-speed forwarding up to 576 ports of 400G, elevating 400% performance of the Ethernet core switch in the industry and is able to satisfy the core bandwidth requirements of the large scale and super-large scale cloud data center in the following three to five years.

During the design and R&D process of the 400G switch, H3C has conducted in-depth cooperation with QSFP-DD and other organizations. As a member of the QSFP-DD organization, H3C has joined the corresponding international organization and participated in the specification drafting of the electrical standard and module packaging style of the 400G ports from the beginning when the 400G standard drafted. The relevant standards will also be widely deployed as the official standard for the 400G port worldwide.

Furthermore, H3C has conducted deep collaboration with Intel, another member of the CWDM8 MSA organization, over the 400G optical transmission standard and has achieved the successful commercial usage of the Intel 400G silicon optical modules on S12500X-CF high-density 400G switches.

The 400G overall data center solution and a series new products developed by H3C, Intel and other partners is able to provide the installation of the entire end-to-end network system and the upgrading and rebuilding of the service design. At that time, enterprise users could build new high-speed network architecture and fully use the primary network resources to protect their existing investment from wasting.

As part of the basic networking solution of H3C's AD-NET 3.0 strategy, the S12500X-CF high-density 400G switch will work with various data center solutions of H3C and its other partners to qualitatively shorten the realization of commercial value of the data generated by enterprise business application.

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