Hainan Airlines rolls out its HNA Club 12 Delicacies in Beijing HNA Club

HAIKOU, China, April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hainan Airlines Co., Ltd. (Hainan Airlines) upgraded its HNA Club 12 Delicacies food brand and rolled it out in Beijing HNA Club on April 23. Among the 12 delicacies, four Chinese cuisines rotate according to the seasons. To keep in line with the increased consciousness about healthy foods among the flying public, the airline selects food matched to the season and makes it available to every VIP passenger.

Spring is the season associated with bamboo. Bamboo rice with stewed duck in soy sauce prepared in fresh bamboo tubes is the perfect meal to get refreshed after several hours in the air. Besides, it is worth noting that Hai-burger, the Chinese deep-fried dough sticks roll and beef noodle soup with spicy pickled cabbage, is made to order. Hot and delicious, the savory item leaves a memorable and pleasing aftertaste. Beijing-style pear soup is boiled in the pot for 4-6 hours, delivering a potage that tastes fresh, smooth and agreeably sweet. Passengers can help themselves to kebab, Hainanese flavored coconut rice, bamboo rice, Sam Bo Luong and four Western snacks at any time during the journey.

Hainan Airlines plans to continue enhancing the quality of the cuisine, based on taking into account the tastes of passengers around the world, delivering an enjoyable five-star dining experience, using high-quality raw materials and some of the world's most exquisite cooking methods.

HNA Club 12 Delicacies 


Signature Menu Items 


Hainanese flavored coconut rice

Staple item 

Hai-burger -- Chinese deep-fried dough sticks roll


Mexican style chicken and beef kebab

Sweet soup

Beijing style pear soup 


Chinese Cuisine 


Bamboo rice with stewed duck in soy sauce


Western Cuisine 


Grilled lamb chops with red wine

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