Hangzhou Asian Games Accreditation Centre officially opened

Hangzhou Asian Games Accreditation Centre officially opened

HANGZHOU, China, Dec. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- A news report by haiwainet.cn: On December 10, 2021, the Hangzhou Asian Games Accreditation Centre officially opened, the accreditation process is now available to all clients around the world. The accreditation centre is located on the 20th floor, Block A, Jinjiang Times Building, No.217 Wujiang Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. (Accreditation system URL: https://acr.hangzhou2022.com.cn/)

The accreditation centre is the first non-competition venue put into operation and will be used to provide event accreditation, certificate management, guaranteeing the safety of venues, people and vehicles during the event.

The accreditation process for the Games is underway and set to run until May 10, 2022. (Accreditation for journalist is from November 10, 2021 to April 10, 2022). The centre has sent the invitation for accreditation to seven major client groups including athletes and national (regional) Olympic Committees, members of The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), International Dignitaries (including VIPs and observer team members), International and regional sports organizations, journalists, broadcasters and sponsors (marketing partners). So far, the centre has established an accreditation contactor system with the Olympic Committees of 44 countries and regions in Asia, 33 individual sports organizations in the continent, 5 international sports organizations, China Anti-Doping Agency, 10 official partners and 3 official sponsors.

From July 10, 2022, the accreditation centre will issue a special accreditation card to all client groups. Each client with the card will have access to certain venues and zones, enjoying privileges matching the holder's identity.

For international visitors with a valid passport or other international travel documents, the accreditation card will also grant multiple entries into China from August 11, 2022 to October 10, 2022.

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