Hankuk Bowon Bio Co.,Ltd (HBBIO), Precious Serpentine necklace set 'HABIBI' released in Indonesia, encourages healthy immune systems

HABIBI, a natural rare earth element necklace and bracelet collection to be released in December.

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Hankuk Bowon Bio Co.,Ltd (HBBIO) announced that they will be releasing their premium Precious Serpentine necklace set, HABIBI, on the Indonesian market in December, 2018.

HABIBI necklace
HABIBI necklace

The HABIBI precious serpentine Necklace and Bracelet set is the company's premium line-up of products made from natural rare earth elements. When compared to the ALATHAR collection, it can be seen bearing a much more intricate cut, similar to that in diamonds, and has also been made with an improved pendant design.

The pendants are set with medical neodymium magnets that help against Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome. It emits ionic and far-infrared radiation and also has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial qualities, allowing the product to be aimed towards customers looking to stay healthy while looking stylish at the same time, hoping to bring a lot of attention and popularity.

The hexagonal shape of the pendant has been refined to have a diamond-like circular form, embracing the HABIBI line-up's unique beauty. Precious serpentine, the main precious material used in the necklace is well known as one of the three major mineral gemstones, alongside jade and nephrite, while it is known to emit rejuvenating radiation that is similar to the energy waves emitted from the body.

The ALATHAR collection is popular on home-shopping and online-shopping channels on Indonesia's largest media group MNC-SHOP and has also proven to be popular in department stores and duty-free shops. It also stirred a huge amount of interest at the helm of leading the precious serpentine market when it was first released and welcomed by consumers.

Ki-Young Kim, the CEO of HBB Co.,Ltd led the company towards success in Indonesia by introducing a variety of products that help consumers to feel healthier and has taken to ground within the Indonesian market. The brand has also been recognized as one of the "Hi-Seoul Brand Businesses", awarded to companies that contribute to the advancement of the Korean business industry by Seoul City and the Seoul Business Agency.

HBB Co.,Ltd has continued since then to establish corporate businesses in Indonesia and is planning to expand across the Southeast Asian market.

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