Harrow Beijing Students Achieve Top Marks On Cambridge AS and A-level Tests in History, Geography and Economics

BEIJING, Oct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Harrow Beijing Year 12 and 13 students have achieved outstanding test results in the Cambridge International AS and A-level 2018 subjects of History, Geography and Economics.



Test Performance

AS Level History

Year 12

60% received As, and 90% received As or Bs.

AS Level Geography

Year 12

50% received A* grades.

A2 Level Geography

Year 13

100% received A-B grades

A2 Level Business and


Year 13


70% received As in Economics, and 50%

 received As in Business.

"Congratulations to all of our A-level students for your devotion and hard work on the way to pursuing your academic interests," said David Shinkfield, Head Master of Harrow Beijing at the opening ceremony of the 2018-2019 academic year. "The successes of our students in a range of subjects is being reflected in the diversity of subjects they are choosing to study at university. From Fine Arts to Sociology, and from Management to Politics, Philosophy and Economics, Harrow Beijing students are choosing subjects that reflect the broadening of the Chinese economy."

Harrow Beijing A-level Students in class.
Harrow Beijing A-level Students in class.

To triumph at Cambridge International AS and A-level History tests, students need to follow a flexible and wide-ranging syllabus covering modern history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that emphasize building the skills used by historians. Harrow Beijing helps students to develop an understanding of cause and effect, continuity and change, similarity and difference, and use historical evidence as part of their studies to avoid the logic gap in a coherent model of historical thinking.

Geography has long been a strong subject at Harrow Beijing and this year has been no different. In addition to the outstanding overall test results of students in Year 12, extraordinary prospects have shown their talent in this field and are getting ready for excellence at their next stage of studying. Chelsea F. and Emily D. achieved 100% in both the AS and A2 exams, which means that they can now apply to the world's best universities including Oxford and Cambridge. Globally, geography has never been more relevant as it allows students to understand the issues affecting the world and encourages them to come up with solutions.

Business and Economics have also been of great interest to students and prospective universities, as China has secured its position as the second largest economy in the world. Harrow Beijing strengthens students' economic logic and the ability to apply economic analysis to situations which can help them understand the biggest challenges of the 21st century - poverty, inequality, globalization and trade - and the contrasting experiences of success and failure in the economies of different regions of the world.

Students need very high levels of language and literacy to continue their journey of further academic exploration. Throughout their time at Harrow Beijing, the students currently achieving the greatest success in their AS and A2 exams have received support developing their language skills. The Language and Learning (L&L) department and Harrow's implementation of "Content Language Integrated Learning" (CLIL) has ensured that students achieve the language levels required to be truly successful in whatever subjects they decide to study.

As part of the school mission of 'Leadership for a Better World', Harrow Beijing is currently offering A-level scholarships. For details, please visit: www.harrowbeijing.cn/admissions/jba-scholarship

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