Haulio Launches CSR Programme for Christmas

Haulio Launches CSR Programme for Christmas

SINGAPORE -  Media OutReach  - December 21, 2018 -  This Christmas, Haulio launched its inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event to show appreciation for container truck drivers in Singapore. Despite forming the backbone of Singapore's supply chain industry, truck drivers are often overlooked and under-appreciated. Working around the clock in order to ensure containerised goods reach their destinations on time, it is a lonely and thankless job that often goes unnoticed. Coupled with long hours on the road, manoeuvring such a heavy vehicle isn't an easy feat. The recent unfortunate accident involving an overturned container and passenger car along PIE further highlights the dangers and risks their jobs entail.

In light of the spirit of Christmas, Haulio will be giving back through the distribution of welfare packs to 1,000 truck drivers as a token of appreciation for their hard work. The event will be held on Saturday, 22nd December 2018 from 9AM-1PM at the CWT Integrated depot located in Pioneer. Some of the items given out include necessities like snacks, drinks and car fresheners. The items are kindly supported by PSA Corporation, Meiji Seika, Lion Corporation, L'Oréal Group, Haw Par Healthcare, Lam Soon Trading and Allswell Trading.

"At Haulio, we're committed to bringing change not just to individual companies, but to the industry. Saying "thank you" to the ones who make it all possible -- our truck drivers -- is just a small part of what we want to do for them ," said Alvin Ea , CEO of Haulio.

Since its inception in May 2017, Haulio has grown to be Singapore's largest haulage network, with over 65% of hauliers already on the platform. With the tagline "Together, We Cargo Faster", Haulio aspires to lead transformation in the industry by empowering stakeholders and every member in the community, including the drivers, towards Industry 4.0.

About Haulio

Haulio is a centralized collaborative platform for the Container Haulage Industry, aiming to be the simplest & most reliable way for businesses to get their containers moved. As the largest digital container haulage network in Singapore, Haulio helps to reduce inefficiencies through the pooling of jobs.

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