HBAR Foundation Supports MetaVRse With Grant To Support Growth of the Metaverse

HBAR Foundation Supports MetaVRse With Grant To Support Growth of the Metaverse

The Enterprise Blockchain Meets the Enterprise Game Engine

TORONTO, Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The HBAR Foundation and MetaVRse, a web-based, low-code 3D creation platform, today announced a partnership to build metaverse solutions for the world's largest organizations on the Hedera Network.

The creation of the metaverse will require tools that are easy to use and accessible to all, and MetaVRse is enabling creators to build the next generation of the internet quickly and simply with turnkey solutions. The HBAR Foundation is supporting these efforts via a grant and organizational support to fuel building the infrastructure of the enterprise metaverse on the Hedera Network.  The organizations share a vision that the future belongs to creators, and this partnership will open up massive opportunities for careers in the metaverse. 

"The metaverse is the future of human communication. This partnership brings the best-in-class services of MetaVRse and the Hedera Network together to unlock the power of the metaverse for everyone," said MetaVRse Co-Founder Alan Smithson.

"MetaVRse is well-positioned to provide the tools to build the metaverse," said Alex Russman, HBAR Foundation Director of NFTs and Virtual Worlds "We see their code-optional approach to creating 3D experiences, Augmented Reality and Virtual Worlds as one catalyst for the Cambrian explosion of XR experiences we will see deployed in the coming years."

The HBAR Foundation fuels growth of the Hedera ecosystem by providing grants and resources for technical assistance, marketing and business development to developers, startups and organizations building on the network. Hedera offers 10,000 transactions per second, near real-time settlement, and low fees and bandwidth consumption. Since launching in 2018, the public network has processed over 1.75 billion transactions generated by real-world applications.

About MetaVRse

MetaVRse is a code-optional platform that makes it easy to create & share interactive 3D experiences instantly on the web with the mission to unlock the power of XR for everyone. MetaVRse has the vision to be the leading game engine on the web with the strategy to create value and build a global community of creators, designers and developers.

The MetaVRse Engine is a proprietary web-based creation platform that allows creators to render millions of polygons and publish instantly to over 7 billion compatible devices. Creators can build XR experiences, virtual worlds, collaboration and presentation systems, training, marketing, entertainment and sales tools. In addition to being low-code, it also has JavaScript capabilities for professionals.

About The HBAR Foundation

Working in parallel with entrepreneurs and the Hedera community, the HBAR Foundation acts as an integrated force multiplier to help builders and creators overcome the challenges of bringing their ideas to market. Get your project fully funded with HBAR through a simple and fast grant process and bring your project to market quickly.

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