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He Yisha joins hands with women leaders in the renewable energy sector to create an alliance for and by women

He Yisha joins hands with women leaders in the renewable energy sector to create an alliance for and by women

SHANGHAI, July 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The founding ceremony of Women in Renewables Asia (WiRA) came to a successful close in Shanghai on July 2. WiRA is an alliance that helps women develop their independence and self-reliance and was jointly launched and sponsored by He Yisha, Unisun Energy Group chairwoman, in concert with 13 women leaders in the alternative and renewable energy sector. They collectively plan to build a platform for the sector's women executives and employees, where they can have access to the tools that can drive their personal and professional success as well as the support of companies in the sector that advocate for and champion the inclusion of women. The goal of WiRA is to diversify the sector's industrial development and create greater value for the sector while encouraging social innovation.

As the first non-profit organization in Asia dedicated to enhancing the role and fostering the development of women in the alternative and renewable energy sector, WiRA provides a platform for industry leaders to empower its women and raise the profile of their contributions. As the founder of Unisun Energy Group, one of the world's leading providers of integrated clean energy solutions, Ms. He was appointed as the founding chairman of the board of directors at WiRA. Unisun Energy Group has already aided dozens of firms around the world in their energy transformation.

As for the unfair treatment that women may suffer in their career development, Ms. He mentioned at the ceremony that the root cause cannot solely be attributed to society and societal attitudes, which must be responded to by launching and engaging in more social initiatives, but also women's low expectations for themselves. Women need to think more about making sure that they are at the top of their game when it comes to understanding and mastering the technical side of the alternative and renewable energy spectrum as well as to advocating for smarter, more sustainable, and more viable equal rights programs.

Ms. He said the goal for WiRA was not simply build an empowerment platform, but more importantly to encourage women to remain determined and fearless in the face of adversity, to constantly seek to improve themselves and innovate, while, at the same time, figure out what it is they are most passionate about, and make that a personal mission. WiRA's objective is to enhance education, career development, health and well-being for women, but also enable women to develop an independent and self-reinforcing mindset as well as the will to make their lives better and more worthwhile.

She went on to explain that the realization of this objective not only needs the support of all women in the industry, but also the backing of their male counterparts and the companies that employ them. Ms. He calls on colleagues across the renewable energy sector to join WiRA and to work together to meet these objectives.

Focusing on improving women's education, career development, health, and job satisfaction, WiRA is working with forces within the industry that have shown their willingness to support the cause, to plan and roll out a series of initiatives, including but not limited to creating and managing a project and education fund, offering ongoing skills training in public relations and fundraising, organizing regional marathons and talent exchanges, raising awareness concerning corporate social responsibility (CSR) and implementing a system for CSR management, all of which will benefit women employees, the companies that employ them, the world of industry and commerce in general and society in general, creating more value for all.

Composition of the first Board of Directors of WiRA:

Chairwoman of the board:
Ms. He Yisha, Chairwoman at Unisun Energy Group Chairwoman

Ms. Valerie Speth, Regional Director - Asia Pacific at Juwi New Energy
Ms. Prapharat Tangkawattana, CEO at NORTIS Group
Ms. Claire Lee, Vice President at the Philippine Solar Power Alliance
Ms. Gao Haichun, Executive Director at Tianhe Equity Investment Fund
Ms. Yang Kaikai, COO at Energo Labs
Ms. Sophie Lu, Head of China Research at Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Ms. Lu Lunyan, COO at WWF-China

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