He Yunpeng of Skymoons: Sometimes, More Haste and Less Speed

Exclusive Interview with CEO of a Cutting-edge Start-up Based in Tianfu Software Park

CHENGDU, China, Oct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Chengdu Tianfu Software Park (the Park) is one of China's 11 national software industry bases, a national software export innovation base, and a national service outsourcing base urban demonstration park. Since officially beginning operations in 2005, the Park has attracted over 600 domestic and international tenants, including IBM, SAP, EMC, Philips, Maersk, Siemens, Ericsson, Dell, Wipro, DHL, PwC, NCS, Garmin, Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, and Manulife Financial. Among these, 34 are Fortune Global 500 companies. The Park currently houses over 60,000 working staff.

Meanwhile, the Park is operating China's renowned startup incubation platform, Tianfu Software Park. Lab, as well as the largest national public technology support platform in western China, one of the most important industrial platforms in Chengdu and western China in order to offer innovative startup services to the mobile Internet sector.

Since its establishment in 2014, Chengdu Skymoons Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. ("Skymoons") has published within one year Three Kingdoms Power Up, King of The Elves and several other mobile games among which Journey of the Flower has enjoyed phenomenal popularity with the monthly turnover of over 200 million users in 2015. As a mobile game developer and operator based in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, Skymoons obtained a good performance in 2016: the operation revenue reached RMB 572 million, an increase of three times compared with that in the initial period, and the total profit was RMB 300 million.

Measured in years, Skymoons has been upgraded from Version 1.0 in 2014 to Version 4.0 this year. "After four year's development, our team has become bigger and more prudent," said He Yunpeng, CEO of Skymoons, "I hope Skymoons will be a more influential and representative interactive entertainment platform both in China and around the world in the future. I also hope that our game will be more diverse, more permanent and more global. There are not too many shortcuts to achieve these goals, but we just stick to it step by step." Actually, since 2014, He Yunpeng and his team have been become more relaxed. He said: "Now I really don't want to take shortcuts after these three or five years of operation. Sometimes sustainable development is much more important than speed."

Skymoons began to fully develop overseas markets in 2016. Its main business involves the R&D and publishing of mobile games in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other regions. "There are two ways to 'go global:' one is to cooperate with other companies, and the other is to establish studios and subsidiaries." He Yunpeng said that by holding the share of Dewdrop Technology, Skymoons released Re-Burned Monster Blood, an APRG with western style in Southeast Asia countries except Vietnam.

Five other games with supernatural and magic styles will be published in the future. Besides the role of game agency, Dewdrop Technology's overseas business also covers overseas business of delivering Facebook and AdWords and SDK, providing better agent releasing services for small and medium-sized domestic R&D companies with a plan to enter the overseas market. This February, Skymoons Edinburgh studio, which is the first Chinese company to enter the Scottish game industry, was established. The studio's main business is R&D of mobile games. Its R&D personnel are from local elite teams in Edinburgh. The multiplayer online battle mobile game they are researching and developing now is expected to be released one year later. At the same time, two branch offices of Skymoons whose business is related with the pan-entertainment, will also be established in South Korea and in Ukraine.

The goal of He Yunpeng and his Skymoons is to find the world's best creative and production teams as well as the greatest professionals in the game industry, and then to go into partnership with them.

Currently, Skymoons has begun to create a pan-entertainment layout involving the whole industry chain. With regard to the independent R&D, the company will integrate local superior resources, invest potential R&D teams, keep up with the market demand, and take the boutique line; meanwhile, it will focus on its agent releasing business so as not to miss any potential product.

Today Skymoons has developed film-game interactive strategy of high-quality IP with locked channel as a way to make the best use of the channel. In the aspect of the operation of IP, Skymoons takes the model of joint signing and authorization, co-publishing and profit bonding, strives to continue to create IP masterpiece with phenomenal popularity, opens up the cultural industry chain, and then invests in literature, film and television and other pan-entertainment businesses. Skymoons will cooperate with iQIYI to release this summer another gaming IP Lost Love in Times which will be bound to inject the impetus into the film-game interactive market lacking phenomenal game for two years.

In the next five years, Skymoons plans to strive for a change from a "company" to a "group", a Skymoons-based mobile game entertainment group covering different sectors of the mobile entertainment-related business such as R&D of products and technology, publishing and operation, technical services, incubation investment and social networking, and to establish the headquarters of Skymoons and a "pan-entertainment" industrial park.

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