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HealthNormal Surpasses 50K Subscribers on YouTube

Leading Consumer Health Brand, HealthNormal, surpasses 50,000 YouTube subscribers through its reliable evidence based Health & Wellness Content.

HealthNormal – a highly respected consumer health publisher, announced today that it has surpassed 50,000 subscribers on its very informative HealthNormal YouTube channel. It has seen tremendous growth, given its fact checked content, and is expected to cross 100,000 subscribers in the coming month.
HealthNormal’s presence on YouTube has expanded exponentially since its launch. It now generates nearly 1 million+ monthly views, with 5 million+ all-time views on YouTube. It is also growing fast on other social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

HealthNormal publishes reliable health and wellness content, which is evidence-based, fact-checked, and medically reviewed by qualified professionals. It is also HONCode certified, one of the most ethical and trustworthy code for medical and health-related information that is available on the Internet. As HONcode certified, HealthNormal abides by, and will be held accountable for the 8 principles of conduct set by HONCode: 1. Authority, 2. Complementarity, 3. Privacy, 4. Attribution, 5. Justifiability, 6. Transparency, 7. Financial disclosure, 8.Advertising policy.

By publishing reliable go-to wellness and nutrition content, and abiding by values, the company has managed to exponentially grow its loyal audience base on Youtube. All of HealthNormal’s content is always Fact-checked, evidence based and medically reviewed by qualified Health professionals.

The company lists its authors, editors and team members with their qualifications on its About Us page and also under each content piece. Each article also cites trustworthy peer reviewed research links to every single claim made in the article. If a claim is not backed by research, it’s not published. If there's contradictory evidence to a claim, It’s clearly stated. Their team strives to be objective and present unbiased arguments so that their readers can make the best possible decisions about their health.

The company’s catalogue of evergreen health and nutrition videos entertains a wide variety of online consumers. From people looking for fact-checked nutrition advice to those interested in their general well being, HealthNormal strives to be their go-to resource. Their videos are full of comments from their viewers stating how they found the information extremely helpful.

The company plans to continue creating informative videos and test new video styles for better content consumption by its viewers. It uses a continuous feedback loop where it polls its users for opinion about its content and style continually and improves those based on that feedback.

HealthNormal is also creating byte-sized videos on other social channels like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to drip feed informative nutrition and wellness content to its users while they are consuming content on their phones. They abide by their mission Statement “Your Wellness is Our Mission” and their audience trusts them over other health brands. The company plans to onboard more medical writers and reviewers so as to keep making informative and evidence-based Health content for its viewers.

About HealthNormal

Health Normal is one of the fastest-growing consumer health publishers in the world. publishes reliable health and wellness content, which is evidence-based, fact-checked, and medically reviewed by qualified professionals. More information about HealthNormal is available at

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