Heavy Investment from Home and Overseas Surges into Liaoning, China's Old Industrial Base

SHENYANG, China, Aug. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Nearly a thousand entrepreneurs gathered in Shenyang at the end of August for the "Top 500 Summit for China's Private Enterprises". According to Liaoning Provincial Party Committee, Huawei, Suning, Evergrande, MI, FOSUN and other Chinese well-known private enterprises actively participated in the summit. This summit also attracted great attention and interest from Boeing, Oracle, Visa in the United States, ING Bank from the Netherlands, State Bank of India and other international enterprises. As China's old industrial base, Liaoning has again attracted the attention of investors at home and abroad.

During the summit, the signing ceremony for 76 projects was held at the "Private Enterprises Boost Liaoning High-quality Development Conference". The total amount of these projects' contracts were 300 billion yuan. Among these projects, there are more than 10 large projects with investment of more than 10 billion yuan. Mr. Wang Xiaochun, the general manager of the strategy and investment department of Changjiang & Jinggong Steel Building (Group) Co. Ltd., said that Liaoning has a strong industrial foundation and obvious regional advantages. With the development of northeast China strategy, Liaoning will bring a lot of opportunities to investors.

Liaoning once made great contributions to the development of new China and it is still an important national advanced equipment-manufacturing base. Liaoning still has great advantages in aviation, machinery, automobile, electronics, automation. Liaoning has witnessed the difficulties in the reform and extrication of state-owned enterprises in the previous years of the development of the market economy, and also experienced the pain of economic growth which was once ranked the bottom among the provinces in China.

In recent years, following the country's development strategy, Liaoning province has been constantly implementing new development concepts, focusing on building a modernized economic system, and embarking on a path of all-round revitalization featuring innovative development. Since last year, there is an overall positive economic trend in Liaoning. In the first half of this year, the provincial GDP increased by 5.5%, fixed asset investment increased by 12 percent, actual utilization of foreign capital increased by 14%, and the introduction of domestic capital increased by 36%. The quality and efficiency of economic development were further improved. Meanwhile, Liaoning has been focusing on improving the business environment, and issued the first national regulation on business environment optimization. In addition, Liaoning attaches great importance to continuous beautification of the ecological environment and create a favorable environment for overall development.

A number of development parks have been established in Liaoning in recent years, including Dalian Development Zone, China and Germany (Shenyang) High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, Liaoning Free Trade Pilot Zone. These development parks have played a positive role in providing opportunities for domestic and overseas enterprise to invest and make cooperation in Liaoning, which are conducive to the further development of investors. Currently, 190 of the world's top 500 companies have investments in Liaoning.

"Our business in Dalian has made a great progress in the past decade," said Meng Hongxia, Vice President, Greater China, Cisco. "We hope to create more opportunities in Liaoning and support the development of more state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in China," said Hu Ying, senior vice president of customer service in China, Oracle.

During the summit, Liaoning provincial governor Tang Yijun said that Liaoning has the unique geographical advantage in northeast China. As an important node of "one belt one road" construction, Liaoning is backed by northeast China, adjacent to the Bohai rim and open to northeast Asia, and also is full of vitality and vigor.

Tang Yijun said, "Liaoning will provide best policies, best services and highest efficiency to all entrepreneurs. We will make all entrepreneurs enjoy comfortable investment, stable entrepreneurship and comfortable life."

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