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HGC's Retail ICT solution offers powerful support for retailers, driving business opportunities even under challenging market conditions

HGC's Retail ICT solution offers powerful support for retailers, driving business opportunities even under challenging market conditions

Digital transformation is the key to driving SME business amid the multiple operational challenges posed by the pandemic

HONG KONG, Dec. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hong Kong's pandemic situation continues to fluctuate, creating challenges across the board. In the retail, service and catering industries, the pressure has been especially pronounced for SMEs, whose resources are typically limited. While some have downsized to cope, others adapted by changing their business model through digital transformation, enhancing the efficiency, flexibility and continuity of their business. Enterprises that have yet to go digital are coming to a crucial turning point, but there may be barriers to digitalisation, such as a lack of digital skills and relevant qualified personnel. HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC) is launching its Retail ICT solution, which offers SMEs a one-stop solution for undertaking rapid digital transformation during the pandemic at competitive prices. Also, retailers can take their business seamlessly online through Online To Offline (O2O) channels. This will enable SMEs to stay competitive in an optimised environment and explore new business opportunities even under challenging market conditions.

HGC’s Retail ICT solution offers powerful support for retailers, driving business opportunities even under challenging market conditions.
HGC’s Retail ICT solution offers powerful support for retailers, driving business opportunities even under challenging market conditions.

Retailers can stay connected with customers despite social distancing

For retailers, maintaining customer relationships during the pandemic is vital. To address the retail marketing needs, Retail ICT offers WhatsApp+ service, enabling HGC's customers to send legitimate promotional information and product news easily to their target customers, while avoiding the negative brand impact of being associated with junk messages. Another key feature is a 24/7 real-time chat service powered by a smart chatbot system. Other new features allow multiple users to manage one single account, as well as electronic wallet support so customers can order and pay through WhatsApp.

Set up an online store to explore potential sales opportunities online

The pandemic has highlighted the need for retailers to be able to maintain business continuity under all circumstances. Retail ICT helps SMEs launch an online store from scratch. The system is also equipped with value-added services like inventory management, trade reports and analysis, as well as support for multiple payment methods. Moreover, there is a membership system that can be leveraged to enhance customer loyalty. This one-stop solution enables retailers to quickly and efficiently transform their business online, helping them stay on top of market needs and general trends.

Digitalisation enables the struggling catering industry to allocate resources more efficiently

Catering ePOS brings innovative changes to the catering industry. The system supports digital menus, enabling customers to use their smartphones to order and pay for meals. This can reduce the necessary manpower and limit mistaken orders, so restaurants can deploy staff more flexibly and efficiently. The system also supports traditional printed menus and generates business reports for managers to view at a glance, so they can understand customers' preferences and get detailed information on items such as ingredients for proper inventory management.

A comprehensive electronic payment system is essential in the digital era

Catering to the rise of fintech and a shift in consumer behaviour, HGC is offering a comprehensive one-stop mobile payment system with support for a range of major payment methods. This supports convenient and lightweight equipment and ultra-low transaction fees, so SMEs can do business with greater peace of mind.

In addition to Retail ICT, HGC meets a wide range of enterprise needs by delivering stable, high-speed, full-fibre network connections and IT support services, as well as comprehensive Wi-Fi network systems and management services that meet actual needs. HGC also offers a unified communication solution (HGC UC) that combines business voice and mobile communication, plus other value-added services like mobile video conferencing to fulfill the needs of enterprises operating during the pandemic through a one-stop ICT solution.

Joe Cheong, COO, Corporate Business & Enterprise Market, HGC, said, "SMEs are facing various challenges running their business in the midst of the pandemic. Even so, this presents retailers with an important opportunity to optimise their business operations. HGC strives to stand by SMEs at this critical time. Our Retail ICT solution can efficiently address the difficulties they encounter. With the professional follow-up and support provided by HGC's consultant teams, as well as our competitive pricing, we can guide them on a journey of rapid digital transformation to achieve significant improvements in operational efficiency. We hope to ease the pressure on SMEs, empowering them to continue running their business and identifying new business opportunities even during the pandemic."

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