Hit your target net worth early

Hit your target net worth early

SINGAPORE - Not many students have a grown-up approach to investing - having enough cash for next week's party is the main priority - but undergraduate Liyann Seet sees it differently.

Ms Seet, 22, has personal finances that already resemble someone who has been working for a few years.

The Singapore Management University finance student has a five-figure stock portfolio thanks to cash she has squirreled away from internships, Internet businesses and modelling since she was 16.

Along the way she developed positive money habits, such as carefully watching her spending and having an emergency fund of cash in case something untoward happens.

And her share investments are paying off, returning 40 per cent since she started buying two years ago.

Ms Seet, who starts work later this year, hopes to treble her stock portfolio by the time she is 25. She declined to reveal the exact figures of her portfolio.

"In terms of my future financial planning, my goal is to set aside half of my pay for my 'stock trust account'. This account will be used to invest in stocks," she said.

Like Ms Seet, many young people may have dreams of hitting a certain net worth within a few years, whether they are still studying or fresh to the working world.

Here are some basic steps to remember on the way.

Limit your spending

Many young people focus on getting as much income as possible - either from a job or starting their own business - and there is no doubt that earnings play a big part in the path to financial success.

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