HiWorld Won 2019 Influential International Education Brand at 2019 Echo China Tencent News Education Annual Event

BEIJING, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 27, the 2019 Echo China Tencent News Education Annual Event was held in Beijing. HiWorld, the international education brand of TAL Education Group, won 2019 Influential International Education Brand.

With the theme of "Smart Education, Looking into the Future", the Event attracted nearly 1,000 experts and scholars, industry leaders, professional research institutions, educational media and other relevant practitioners to discuss the future of education. Representative educational institutions and individuals were also honored in the Event. After online selection and comprehensive evaluation by industry experts and scholars, HiWorld brand influence was unanimously recognized as the "2019 Influential International Education Brand".

A manager of HiWorld said: "HiWorld is an important strategic deployment of TAL in international education. It is based on 16 years of great efforts on K-12 education and 5 years of exploration in international education of HiWorld, starting from the early stage and focusing on international education for students aged 9-18 years. HiWorld values the early planning and competence cultivation of children. It is committed to cultivating children to be independent thinkers, lifelong learners and participants in world affairs with the education concept of 5CS (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Cultural Competence and Study Skills).

Based on the 21st century skills framework and specific educational practices in the United States, Japan, Singapore and other countries, HiWorld has put forward creatively the concept of the 5CS core competence and skills, to cultivate the students' communication, collaboration, creative, critical thinking skills, cultural understanding and inheritance and learning skills.

At present, based on the 5CS concept, HiWorld has established anĀ Ivy League Preparation Program, with cultivation of language proficiency and academic ability as the core, and an American Standardized Testing System, which is aimed at scientific advancement of middle school students, dedicating to cultivate the core competence and skills of Chinese students at different stages. In addition, HiWorld has leveraged its high-quality global resources and set up a world classroom consisting of exploratory overseas camps, Model United Nations and other practical projects to develop the students' awareness, competence and confidence to participate in world topics and integrate into the globalization era.

In 2018, HiWorld's students won the Best Diplomacy Award, the highest Award of the WIMUN (World Federation of United Nations Associations International Model United Nations). The 13 years old Wang Zeda was the youngest contestant in the competition and the only winner as a junior high school student in China. In the WIMUN this year, Han Jia, a 13-year-old student, fully demonstrated his excellent learning, creative, critical thinking and other comprehensive skills and academic level, and won the Best Position Paper Award, shining on the world stage once again.

The tide of globalization is rolling in, with the guidance of the brand idea of Early Planning of Globalization-driven Learning for International Competitiveness, HiWorld will continue to work with high-quality international resources, explore suitable international growth paths for Chinese students, and help local outstanding students to embrace the world with more insights, strengths and easiness.

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