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HMS Core Industry Solutions on Show at MWC Barcelona 2023

HMS Core Industry Solutions on Show at MWC Barcelona 2023

BARCELONA, Spain, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- HMS Core, a collection of open capabilities provided by Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), was showcased in the HMS ecosystem arena at MWC Barcelona 2023. This toolkit brought advanced industry solutions and innovative technologies to global developers and launched the one-stop precise operations solution for all scenarios based on Account Kit, Push Kit, and Analytics Kit. HMS Core's partnership story with BIGO LIVE, a live streaming and social networking app that boasts a global user base, was also illustrated in the arena.

HMS Core encapsulates the device and cloud open capabilities provided by HMS. The toolkit enables relentless innovation and makes sophisticated capabilities globally accessible. Developers can integrate HMS Core kits through straightforward code, for quick and easy app development and growth.

HMS Core industry solutions reinvent the app experience

HMS Core constantly fine-tunes its solutions to address developers' pain points across multiple industries. This library of capabilities helps developers build new app functions and business models effortlessly.

For example, in e-commerce apps, a successful product order normally involves multiple phases, including search and browse, product detail checking, pay and order, logistics and distribution, and product receiving and commenting. HMS Core offers differentiated services in various stages of the shopping process, helping developers provide users with a high-quality and convenient shopping experience throughout. In the search and browse phase, HMS Core ML Kit expands on traditional text-based search methods to voice- and image-based search. In the product detail checking phase, HMS Core 3D Modeling Kit allows sellers to create 3D models of products with a low threshold, and automatically rigs and animates a bipedal humanoid 3D model to make the product come to life. With 3D Modeling Kit, products no longer have to be displayed as dull 2D images, but can be fun and interactive instead. In the media and entertainment industry, HMS Core Video Editor Kit and Audio Editor Kit deliver a plethora of AI-powered audio and video editing capabilities, such as auto-smile and fun voice changer. These gimmicks add new and fun interactive ways to an app, allowing users to unleash their creativity.

An all-scenario one-stop operations solution helps achieve efficient monetization

HMS Core provides developers with a one-stop precise operations solution for all scenarios by combining capabilities such as Account Kit, Push Kit, and Analytics Kit, helping boost monetization.

Account Kit enables users to perform one-tap sign-in securely to an app across Huawei devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and HUAWEI Vision products, by utilizing QR code scanning. Push Kit offers a wealth of novel notification forms and supports intelligent display timing and precise operations to boost message taps, while Analytics Kit reports conversion events to Huawei's ads platform to paint a full picture of ads' performance, so that developers can conduct marketing attribution and make intelligent business decisions based on data.

The partnership story of BIGO LIVE and HMS Core was also a major highlight of the event. After integrating Account Kit and Push Kit, the streaming app has realized one-tap sign-in and precise message sending. It has followed this up with flexible payment methods and an order management function to detect order delivery failures, thanks to In-App Purchases. By joining forces with HMS Core, BIGO LIVE has seen its number of active users and order conversion rate increase significantly.

HMS Core passionately develops innovative technologies in advanced fields and promotes tech-driven efficient app operations. By collaborating with global app developers, it aims to elevate the app experience for consumers and create a flourishing mobile app ecosystem.

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