Hong Kong-Based Blockchain Project SmartUp Announces Strategic Agreement With China Heping Construction Group Pte Ltd.

Hong Kong-Based Blockchain Project SmartUp Announces Strategic Agreement With China Heping Construction Group Pte Ltd.

Mr. Ric Wu, Founder of SmartUp (Left), and Ms. Anne Chan, President of China Heping Construction Group Pte Ltd. (Middle) shook hands and witnessed the signing of strategic agreement between SmartUp and China Heping Construction Group Pte Ltd.
Brings opportunities in Asian market to Singaporean investors

HONG KONG, Jun 25, 2018 - (ACN Newswire) - Hong Kong based blockchain incubator SmartUp is dedicated to linking blockchain projects with good potential to investors and resources around the globe, therefore has made progress in each Asian blockchain market. SmartUp is pleased to announce that it has signed a strategic agreement with China Heping Construction Group Pte Ltd. (the "Group"): the Group will assist investors to participate SmartUp's blockchain, and make use of the matching and smart credit information services to be provided by the blockchain platform, for identifying projects with good investment potential in Asia as well as around the globe.

This participation led by the Group to SmartUp has introduced the platform to the market. At the same time, this latest development also marks that Singapore has become SmartUp's third major blockchain market after Japan and China.

Ms. Anne Chen, President of China Heping Construction Group Pte Ltd., said, "Singapore is one of the Asian markets which has a high regard for blockchain applications, which attracts investors and blockchain projects from every corner of the world. For investors, lack of accurate funding records, unclear matching mechanism and lack of cross-border development capabilities are often the reasons which hinder them obtaining quality blockchain projects. We took lead in participation, and looked forward that SmartUp's smart credit function would enable more investors to identify their ideal projects with sufficient information."

Mr. Ric Wu, Founder of SmartUp, said, "On behalf of SmartUp, I would like to welcome the China Heping Construction Group Pte Ltd. which led the local investors to join our blockchain ecosystem. This is a recognition to SmartUp's vision of facilitating the matchup of Asian as well as global investors, quality blockchain projects and resources. Following the continuous growth of blockchain ecosystem and community, we will snare more smart ideas and promote blockchain applications in Asia.

Before signing the strategic agreement with China Heping Construction Group Pte Ltd., SmartUp received USD5 million investment from Blockchain Japan; By the end of May, SmartUp signed and co-established a blockchain ecosystem fund valued RMB10 billion with the Government of Wujiang City of Guizhou Province and five enterprises, which will support the investment and incubation of vertical companies in the blockchain ecosystem and eventually develop the city to be the hub of global blockchain industry; Last week, SmartUp was appointed by Shine Rain Beijing to use blockchain technology and help its "Ban Sou Ren" branded restaurant to develop as an international restaurant chain.

SmartUp continues to set its footholds on major Asian markets that embrace blockchain applications. It also allied with local governmental organizations, chambers of commerce, and institutional investors which is a testimonial to SmartUp's right business strategy. Differentiating from its peers, SmartUp focuses on building an investor community on the ground in major markets, and provides irreversible trading information, reduces the risk of blind investment with application of the new technology, which can increase the confidence of participants in the blockchain market. Looking forward, Smartup will establish links with Asian and international investor, communities and governments that apply blockchain technology, therefore join hands to build a trustful and mutually beneficial commercial incubating platform.

About SmartUp
SmartUp is a global blockchain incubating platform connecting enterprises and individuals. It connects diversified types of projects, companies, individuals, and services, as a result of irrefutable, transparent and temper-free features. The platform also provides a comprehensive service for startups through SIT, which would help create a complete credit system.

SmartUp is committed to creating a global, mutual trust, and mutual business ecosystem incubating platform. Through exclusive research and development of the smart credit system, international resource matching, and global financing and lead mechanism, truly realize information transparency, without geographical restrictions, high efficiency and low cost full-scale incubation services, including entrepreneurial support, corporate counseling, lead investment and financing and international business networks and other services. The platform uses SIT tokens as trading tools, which can greatly reduce the existing transaction costs, improve transaction efficiency, lower investment barriers and solve global payment issues.

Please visit: www.smartup.global to understand more about the project, team and service providers.

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