Hong Kongers on how to deal with a 30-minute lunch break

Hong Kongers on how  to deal with a 30-minute lunch break

Discussing with colleagues where to enjoy lunch is the highlight of the day for many office workers.

Although most have to endure the pain of waiting in a long queue to be seated for lunch, most consider it worthwhile, because it is the only time of day employees are able to take a break away from the office.

Hong Kong has the longest working hours on earth at 50 hours a week, making this one-hour break away from the office a precious moment for many.

But for some workers this one-hour break is a luxury they cannot afford. In a recent blog post on Hong Kong Discussion Group, a netizen asked for advice on how to survive a 30-minute lunch break.

The post received a huge number of responses from workers, who shared the "pathetic" ways of workers stuffing their faces.

Option one:

Order take-out to be delivered to the office.

Although smart employees should never have lunch at their desks, this can be a viable solution when one is short on time to eat.

This sounds like a pretty decent option, until one runs out of restaurants to order from - not to mention the harm caused to the environment by all the packaging materials.

Option two:

Eating cold food like a salad or a sandwich definitely helps to save time since it does not require re-heating and the worker is able to take a bite whenever he or she has a second.

This is what most prisoners of the office do, since there is no way they are able to leave their desks.

Option three:

Gobble up everything in one go and wash it down with water or a drink.

This is the most extreme measure, and most people's stomach will give up on them really soon.

There is also option number four - quit the job.

Many readers of the post think a job with only a 30-minute lunch break is a nightmare and one should quit.

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