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Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2019: Making Further Progress

Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2019: Making Further Progress

SHANGHAI, June 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The 21st Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai has been successfully launched from 20th to 22nd April 2019 in Shanghai New International Expo Center with almost 900 exhibitors and 52,362 visitors.

Organized by China Flower Association, managed by Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co Ltd and China Great Wall Exhibition, the 21st Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai has been successfully launched from 20th to 22nd April 2019 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Being well known as the flagship exhibition in Asia's floriculture, horticulture and garden industry, Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2019 has welcomed 52,362 visitors and continues to enhance the new image and reflection which based on its international reputation and profession.

Refined classification, various features of exhibits with an expanded show scale

Compared with 2017's show, Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2019 has increased to 4 exhibition halls, covering nearly 50,000 square meters, with an exhibition area increased by 25%. On the basis of keeping the product categories, the show further optimizes the characteristic products of each hall and outdoor display, gardening landscapes and flower landscapes. It has gathered nearly 900 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions includes the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Britain, Australia, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, the United States, Canada, Israel, Turkey, Ireland, Estonia, Ecuador, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, South Korea, India, Finland, Latvia, Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan.

During the show, countries and regions from the Netherlands, Germany, Ecuador, Colombia and Taiwan participated in the form of pavilions, which expanded the original scale and concentrated on displaying the latest products and concepts of this country and region. Fresh blood such as Estonia, Latvia, Spain and Finland have brought not only distinctive products, also broader business opportunities.

The field exhibits cover a wide range of fresh cut flowers, potted flowers, ornamental plants, green seedlings, seeds and bulbs, biotechnology, engineering design, floricultural materials, garden machinery, greenhouse, irrigation, tissue culture, garden furniture, urban landscape, cold chain preservation and various related products.

Diverse exhibits bring a refreshing look to the visitors and exhibitors. While maintaining the regular clients, the show also welcomes more domestic and foreign brands, such as home gardening leader - Karcher GMBH from Germany, Dutch high quality flowers - Holex Flower, the Israel seed expert - Danziger Flowers, garden and household soft outfit one-stop platform - EverGreen Shanghai and famous domestic rose brand - "Sirius Rose", etc.

Show feature of constant flower arrangement show and industrial forums

Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2019 features 16 world-renowned floral artists from Germany, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Mainland China to present their distinctive flower arrangement. Various floral arts such as European flower art, Japanese Sogetsu Ryu, Ohara Ryu, Chinese cultural flower arts has been live broadcasted by two large scaled LED screen during the 3 days show time. Surrounded by the bouquets of floral arts, the stage of Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai's flower arrangement show has attracted almost 3000 audiences. Floral artist includes:

Michael Liebrich -- the champion of 2018 German Florist Designs, the first guest of 2019 IPM flower arrangement show. His flower design has unique style and technique, both colors and materials highlights his respect for nature.

Okamoto Sesyu -- lecturer of Sogetsu Ryu in Japan headquarter. She has carried out large-scale space installations in historical and cultural architectures such as Osaka city, her avant-garde art works have been praised by many people. Japan is not her only stage; she has been one of the representatives of Sogetsu Ryu to perform in Thailand business space at the 81st birthday celebration of the princess of Thailand. She also performs in Singapore for many times.

Wan Hong -the founder of "Yi Hua Dao", devotes to spread Chinese flower culture. He is the champion of the first China Cup Flower Design Contest in 2002.

Myeon OH -- the founder of Oh Myeon Floral Art School. He has many awards including: the special award of 2005 Korea Cup Flower Design Contest and 2013 IHK Cup Flower Design Contest, as well as the 6th winner of 2019 World Cup Flower Design Contest.

Chen Chuixun – has amazing integration ability on deferent floral materials. He is the champion of 1997 Taiwan Cup Flower Design Contest and won the first place of International Overall Image Design of the 2010 Gentse Floralien Belgium.

As the other feature of Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2019, its industrial forums and conference continue to present different topics around the industry with the combination of latest trends, technologies and cooperation opportunities in worldwide. Those forums offer advanced business ideas, practical case studies and new trends which have attracted almost 1200 audiences and horticultural lovers during the show time. Together with the attendees, fringe programs have built a bridge that well integrates information communication, technological exploration and market operation.

1) Lecture of Flower Border in China

Recently, city landscape departments in China are paying more attention on the landscape of urban intersections and street gardens. As a leading city of city landscape design, Shanghai has accumulated a lot of experience. Shen Ruixue, the director of Shanghai Shangfang Garden Plant Institute, shared some cases of the utility of the new shrubs and perennial flowers in Shanghai.

2) Seminar on Sustainable Horticulture Development - Experiences in the Netherlands

The Agricultural Department of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy in Beijing and Consulate General in Shanghai organized a seminar on Sustainable Horticulture Development – Experiences in the Netherlands. Four topics are focused: a.) Hi-tech Greenhouse Technology in the Netherlands; b.) Circular Horticulture - New practice; c.) Consumption Trends of Floriculture Products; 4.) New Concept Design of Flower Parks in the World. 

3) Vertical Greening Forum - Ecological garden construction in Xiong An New District

Cooperated with China Green Roof Council, this forum focuses on the latest ecological garden construction in Xiong An New District and its hotspot. With both theoretical and practical content, this forum discusses the utilization of plants, vertical greening and sponge city and discovers its future prospect with industrial peers.

4) Garden Centre Form - Current Status of Chinese Garden Centre and Its Future Trend

It's only 10 years after Garden Center entered Chinese market. As a new model of horticultural retail, it is difficult to develop in China. How is the current status? What are the future trends? This forum has invited Li Cheng, the president of international garden center association (China branch) and Paul Geoffrey Pleydell (director of garden center) to share cases and interact with audience.

5) Breeding & IPR Forum - Workshop on Breeders for Ornamental Plants in China

It has been 20 years for China to develop its breeds of ornamental plant and IPR. In order to meet the needs of both domestic and abroad ornamental plant industry, this forum has invited domestic authorities, private breeders, practitioners of flower variety protection, international institutes and enterprises have a conversation about topics involving ornamental plant variety protection development and current situation in China, the way to protect the IPR of ornamental plants' new breed and the management of Holland cut flowers new breed.

6) A Face to Face Talk with Growers - Protective Flower Planting Seminar

In order to share the latest technology and experience of domestic protective planting among industrial peers, show management cooperates with Facility Agriculture Sub-Association of China and Greenhouse Horticulture Magazine to present this seminar. During the seminar, business running ideas, trends, technologies, marketing demands and current problems are shared and discussed with domestic flower growers and professionals.

7) Florist Operating Form -2019's New Trend of Florist Retail

Both upstream and downstream enterprises in the industries such as native florist store, wholesaler, base manufacturer and e-commerce mall have participated in terminal sales. How will the florists reform? Online and offline representatives are invited to analyze the new trend of China's florist retail market in 2019.

8) Home Gardening Forum - Garden Life Seminar of Huabaike (Shanghai)

With the upgrading domestic consumption recently, domestic horticulture consumption gradually moves towards the consumption market. This forum is jointly undertaken by the show management and, with horticultural influencers invited to have a face-to-face talk with horticultural lovers.

9) Seminars

In addition to the forums, there are also industrial seminars to share the latest technology cases in 2019 and discuss its future trends.

Anti-corrosion Application of Cold Galvanizing Compound on Steel Structures of Green House Industry

The presentation introduces the anticorrosion application of ROVAL Cold Galvanized Compound on steel structures of greenhouse in Japan and offers useful experience with ROVAL Cold Galvanized Compound from its Japanese customers. It also mentions the technical difficulties in the development of Aqua ROVAL Cold Galvanizing Compound, and the results of the corrosion test, mechanical test and chemical resistance test of Aqua ROVAL Cold Galvanizing Compound showing that waterborne of ROVAL Compound has not weakened its anti-corrosion performance.

Greenhouse Automated Precision Growing (APG)

New growing system for massive commercial production in greenhouse is introduced. The system combines modern information technology, electrical automation technology, biotechnology, engineering technology, artificial intelligence technology, mechanical process principle and a series of results, import industrial automated production lines, to achieve automatic soilless cultivation and production of crops from sowing to mature harvesting.

International Garden Center Purchasing Fair

This meeting introduces some high-quality horticultural products such as the German flower pot brand "emsa", the Czech flower pot brand "Plastia", and the German flower pot brand "Lechuza", etc.

Outdoor landscaping display

In addition to various kinds of exhibits, there are 5 landscape design displays and 2 art displays throughout the exhibition site, which respectively created by industry leaders to construct unique spring plant landscape and floral arts. Traditional cultural collection, dazzling displays of flower art, as well as the real garden that covering hard landscape, soft decoration, flowers, waterscape, intelligent lighting, various designs make Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2019 a visual green gallery.

Exhibitor Feedback

Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2019 has nearly 900 enterprises from homeland and abroad to participate in the exhibition, with a wide variety of exhibits and a cluster of new technologies and products. The 3-day exhibition not only brings valuable professional information, technology and the bridge of trade communication to regular and new exhibitors, but also expands new market opportunities for them. The show has gained high recognition and evaluation from both domestic and foreign exhibitors.

Although its booth fee is not cheap, we are willing to take 72 sqm to display our products mainly because of its impressive results of participating in Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai. The reason why I particularly like Shanghai show is because of its well management and its special attention to details. What impresses us most is each reminding from the staff during the preparation and their efforts for making a successful show. Their details of management is very worthy for our own company.

By Wang Chengzhang, Xinchangxian Meicheng Horticulture

The biggest achievement of participating Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai 2019 is that there are greenhouse material suppliers from the whole industrial chain, which provides us with many purchase options. Because most of the visitors here are looking for purchasing greenhouse facilities, we hope the show to strengthen the promotion of greenhouse construction projects in the next show to attract more professional visitors. We are very satisfied with the show services.

By He Rui, M.Cohen Metal Industries Co Ltd.

Our products have been recognized by the market and the industry within only three days of the show. We have not only made deep contact with new and old customers, but also reached preliminary cooperation intention with well-known seed and seedling enterprises on site. We are very pleased with the results. Thanks to the show management!

By Wen Bo, Shanghai Trending's Tillandsia Garden lanscape

We are generally satisfied with this experience. We have received onsite orders and also strengthened existing business relations. Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai has not only helped to launch our business reputation among industrial peers, but also become our preferred stage to announce new products. The quantity of visitor, services of the show management and official contractor is well appreciated. See you at the Shanghai show next time!

By Tang Yimin, Suzhou Medas Co Ltd

Innovate the possibilities, become the possibilities

On the basis of adhering to the high quality and professional operation and service, The 21st Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai has come to a successful conclusion with the full support of domestic and foreign partners and exhibitors. Make further continuing progress. We sincerely appreciated the participation of the enterprises and the support from cooperative partners and media. Under the popularization of green lifestyle and personalized flower consumption in China, we will further improve the icon of "Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai" and make it into an international one-stop platform for industrial products, technology and trade. While combining the latest trend of world's flower horticulture, it is believed that Hortiflorexpo IPM Shanghai will promote China's flower horticulture industry up to a higher level.


Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Xinyi Dong/Angela Wan

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