Hotels Focus on Optimising Digital Distribution

Latest digital distribution trends with practical and actionable techniques to aid hoteliers to optimise digital channels and maximise profitability

SINGAPORE, Aug. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Distribution is crucial to the success of any hotel, and digital marketing for hotels is becoming increasingly complex. To define its strategy to compete for guests in digital communities that emerge daily is a challenge for hoteliers.

"The owners of establishments for independent/local groups hotels often lack support and are not always sufficiently prepared to face the distribution challenges they are confronted with on a daily basis. Generally, hoteliers do not always have the time and the means to provide a macro analysis of the channels and to manage them strategically. In the essence of time, we hope this half-day conference filled with insightful information, practical and actionable techniques will assist hoteliers to optimise their digital distribution and maximise their profitability," said Guillaume de Marcillac, co-CEO of FASTBOOKING.

In the hope of aiding hoteliers' challenges, FASTBOOKING, an e-commerce and distribution solutions company that help hotels create digital marketing strategies to drive direct sales, has partnered several key hospitality industry specialists to bring our FASTBOOKING Digital Lab tour to 17 cities throughout Europe and Asia.

"The FASTBOOKING Digital Lab was introduced in 2016. After receiving overwhelming response and feedback from participants, we took the initiatives once again to launch a new series of Digital Lab tour for 2017 and have included additional cities worldwide. Hoteliers will be able to participate in the complimentary conference nearest to them and be inspired with a deeper understanding of the latest trends and strategies in Digital Distribution. They would also be able to advance their knowledge and grow their network," added Guillaume de Marcillac, co-CEO for FASTBOOKING

The global theme for this year's tour is 'How can hoteliers optimise digital distribution?' This theme was selected based on hoteliers' keen interest to optimise their distribution and maximise profitability.

With FASTBOOKING, the Digital Lab partners are Google, IDeaS, OTA Insight, Sojern, STR, TrustYou and Triptease who will take the tour with us in selected cities. Details are available and updated periodically on

Amongst the topics to be shared are:

  • Latest Trends in the Hotel Digital Distribution landscape
  • Insights to manage customer data better and to maximise bookings from various digital channels
  • Effectiveness of hotel videos and Google Hotel Ads
  • Latest trends in customer opinions and methods to capitalise on them
  • New trends to share hotel experience
  • Evolvement of revenue management and ways to improve conversion
  • Last but not least, analysis of demand, room deals and booking trends for each market.

To register for a complimentary pass to the half-day event throughout Europe and Asia, please visit, select the city you wish to attend and register with us.

Digital Lab Location and dates

Digital Lab locations and dates
Digital Lab locations and dates

Notes to Editors:

Members of the press are welcome to attend or request for interviews with keynote speakers and/or Jean-Luc Chretien/ Guillaume de Marcillac, co-CEOs and Pierre-Charles Grob, Managing Director, Asia of FASTBOOKING.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Wong Yin Yin
Marketing & Communications Director, Asia
T:  +82 2 717 3840
T: +65 6223 2730
M: +65 9790 4185


About FASTBOOKING Digital Lab

FASTBOOKING Digital Lab is a learning lab for hoteliers to explore a different path for them to optimise their digital distribution. Sharing of the latest digital distribution trends to balance a healthy distribution among the various channels and to grow both international and domestic direct online bookings is critical for hoteliers in the digital community space.

To assist hoteliers in gaining a better understanding of the digital distribution trends and to provide practical solutions that will help hoteliers optimise their distribution and profitability, FASTBOOKING together with Hospitality Industry Specialists collaborated to share their experience and knowledge to reveal actionable techniques during this conference.


FASTBOOKING offers leading edge e-commerce solutions for hotels to boost their direct sales strategy. Our solutions based on a cutting-edge cloud platform and our proven expertise in digital marketing enable hotels to boost brand visibility and promote online sales through online and mobile channels. Our local experts offer daily support to hoteliers, in more than 90 countries, to help them leverage our solutions and retain their independence.

Founded in 2000, FASTBOOKING is now part of AccorHotels group, as the specialist for digital solutions dedicated to independent hotels.

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