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Coca-Cola, Mastercard, HP, PepsiCo, Accenture, Diageo, Fine Hygienic Holding, BIC and Kroger lead best practices sharing on leadership, diversity & inclusion and success.

SINGAPORE, Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd. (HORP) concluded its 2022 World Tour of Break the ceiling touch the sky® - the success and leadership summit for women with its climax edition for the year – the 2022 World Edition of the summit live in Singapore in end October 2022. Organizations across industries came together in-person in Singapore to share best practices for leadership, diversity & inclusion and success led by Coca-Cola, Mastercard, HP, PepsiCo, Accenture, Diageo, Fine Hygienic Holding, BIC and Kroger.  The focus of the 2022 World Edition was the progress women are making in leadership and action plans and best practices to ensure greater gender balance in the C-Suite of the world's largest Companies.  Plans will soon be announced for the 2023 World Tour of Break the ceiling touch the sky® with further expansion of the Break the ceiling touch the sky® brand.  

The 2022 World Edition in Singapore included an update on HORP's  MISSION 2029 FOR A BETTER WORLD  - the 10 -year global initiative announced in 2020 to shape a better world through better  (gender) diversity & inclusion, better leadership and better business with the specific goal of quintupling the number of Female CEOs in the world's 500 largest Companies (from 14 in 2020 to 70 in 2029) and doubling the number of Male CEOs investing in gender diversity & inclusion.

Keynote speakers James Michael Lafferty, CEO, Fine Hygienic Holding and Dr Lois Lee, President and Founder, Children of the Night brought participants to their feet with their inspirational keynotes at the 2022 Word Edition of the summit.

The summit's opening discussion focused on the key forces impacting women and their careers over the next few years:

Rama Sridhar, Executive Vice President, Strategic Customer Solutions, Mastercard shared, "Women represent ~50% of population. Ensuring their financial and digital inclusion is mission critical…It is not just good for social messaging, corporate businesses, product design or leadership balance ; but is vital to keeping the society whole, and minimizing social, financial and status inequity deeply entrenched across all walks of life. Inclusive growth agenda for women as a conscious, converged effort will yield ~ 6% upside to the global economy – Needs to be a global enforceable imperative."

Tian Chong Ng, Managing Director, Greater Asia, HP commented, "Industrial revolutions come with great changes in the workforce. We need new skills when we're not even sure what the jobs of the future will be. These revolutions also make greater equality even more important. We need to operate at the edge of discomfort, with broad perspectives and styles to take advantage of this more phygital, more efficient, and, ideally, more sustainable world".

Julio Lopez, VP of Franchise Operations – Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, The Coca-Cola Company added: "It is critical for businesses to respond to the sustainability expectations of employees, governments, partners, consumers and communities.  I am delighted to share that  sustainability is a key priority for Coca-Cola because is aligned with the Company's purpose Refresh The World. Make a Difference. This is our north star in driving decisions and taking action. To make Progress we need Passion + Discipline + Partnership"

Dr. Andrea Brookhart, Director, Population Health and Wellness, Kroger underlined the importance of health in career success.  "Health  varies by person and individual, depending on their circumstances and their functional needs. Kroger Health plays a critical role in better health of individuals by using food as medicine because health looks different from person to person, and season to season.  The food we put in in our bodies affects our health. This means a dedicated, educated and personalized approach to eating and enjoying food so we can live healthier lives and enjoy more productive careers."

The summit also showcased learnings from a Panel of Inspirational female leaders who shared their secrets for success.

Preeti Arora-Razdan, CEO, Southeast Asia, Diageo, "It's incredible that all my amazing co-panellists on this panel of Inspirational women leaders came from very different geographies, industries, career paths, and ethnicities, yet, how similar our learnings and so called "success secrets" were! Some themes that resonated: Let go and delegate. If you have made a choice, don't feel guilty , you are doing enough. Take care of your mental and physical health – don't always be a "good" girl. It takes a village so have a good support system of allies and sponsors."

"It was a pleasure to represent PepsiCo at the 2022 World Edition of  Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky" conference in Singapore. It was a  great event to inspire women and focus on female leadership plus broader equality and diversity. It reiterated to me the importance of Organizations  being more intentional in raising the floor in terms of gender diversity & inclusion and truly supporting female leadership development." shared Alexia Horley, Senior Sales Director – Australia Foods at PepsiCo.

 "It was great to gather again for the first time (in Singapore) since the pandemic. This year's event spotlighted how much more we, as leaders of some of today's largest organizations, can do to provide pathways for diversity to flourish. Diversity of thought, life experiences, and culture, are all very much valued here at UPS. Because we know that diverse teams solve problems more effectively, are more likely to challenge the status quo, and develop breakthroughs," shared Michelle Ho, President, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, UPS.

Best DEI practices of the world's most successful Companies in building great businesses were also part of the agenda led by senior leaders from Accenture, Cigna and Procter & Gamble.

Shared Wee Wei Ng; Country Managing Director, Singapore, Accenture, "I was delighted to join a panel of Inspirational female leaders at the 2022 World Edition of the Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky Summit and share some of Accenture's best practices for DEI . At Accenture, we aim to be a creator of talent, and not just a consumer of talent; and we work to nurture a culture of connectedness and trust to build an inclusive work environment for our people to thrive."

Commented Anthony A. Rose, Chairman and CEO, House of Rose Professional Pte. Ltd,  best-selling author of "Break the ceiling touch the sky: success secrets of the world's most inspirational women" and the architect of MISSION 2029 FOR A BETTER WORD shared: "Research shows that gender diverse Companies are financially more successful,  are more attractive as employers and to customers, gender diverse teams perform better than non-gender diverse teams and  that gender diversity helps compliance, positive reputation and leadership decision making. Gender diversity & inclusion at the C-Suite is therefore business-critical now more than ever before.  Organizations interested in accelerating their gender diversity  & inclusion at the C-Suite can reach out to us at the contact shared below."   

Since 2014 House of Rose Professional has enabled over 30000 women leaders  (and several thousand male leaders who support diversity & inclusion) from over 400 international companies to greater success via its services in the  areas of Training (Break the ceiling touch the sky® - the success and leadership summit for women), Talent  (Dream Job International® - the executive search vertical) and Transformation (CEOSmith® - the reputation and business advisory services for the C-Suite).  


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