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How to Bridge the Gap between Projects and Investors: Black Ocean Token Sale Launchpad

How to Bridge the Gap between Projects and Investors: Black Ocean Token Sale Launchpad

ZUG, Switzerland, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As the cryptocurrency space grows in popularity, more people are becoming interested in making investments. Black Ocean, a liquidity-providing platform incubated by the high-frequency quantitative trading institution VRM, is launching CeDeFi launchpad where innovative projects can build a strong community, raise funds and achieve liquidity in a simple, secure and transparent way. 

Black Ocean is launching Token Sale Launchpad
Black Ocean is launching Token Sale Launchpad

Black Ocean's goal is to attract projects and investors to help get accurate information and a transparent mechanism to invest.

Black Ocean has engineered a new global platform that utilizes blockchain technology. The solution provides FLy token holders (native token of the VRM ecosystem) and retail investors with an opportunity to maximize profits by allowing its members to purchase IDO with a high token rating at discounted prices, similar to pre-seed and seed institutional rounds.

Following are some benefits that FLy token holders enjoy:

  • 100% of the promo (airdrop) coins from projects will be distributed among FLy token holders
  • 90% of IDO coins are allocated to be purchased by FLy token holders
  • FLy token holders enjoy a special price to purchase coins that 5-10% lower than the market price of an IDO

Black Ocean also aims to help good projects raise capital, boost PR and media coverage, and increase their communities using FLy and Black Ocean societies. Thus, it serves as a Decentralized Affiliate Platform for IDOs to raise funds seamlessly, and allows affiliates to directly communicate with others.

Projects can apply for listing here.

How it works

Black Ocean gathers projects from the market and from its network of institutional investors. If a project is qualified, has been invested by famous VCs, has a good reputation and market potential, this project can have IDO on the Black Ocean launchpad platform.

Once the project is approved for launch on the launchpad, it provides Black Ocean with tokens for IDO. Community members can then place bids for amounts that they want to invest. Based on the bids, Black Ocean computes and announces the amount of allocation for each participant. This is followed by an autonomous process where a confirmed amount of funds are sent to the IDO (project) and project tokens are distributed among the participants.

At Black Ocean, we value early supporters who help grow the ecosystem from scratch, hence we have ideated a computation system that rewards early users of the platform, but doesn't create high entry barriers for late comers.

Black Oceans' Launchpad is designed to provide projects with community-driven value. It will be a members-only platform with a unique GPP (Group purchasing power). Thus, Black Ocean is bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses using its blockchain-based universe for trading, investing and educating.

This also allows us to increase the number of token holders and creates an initial community around the project by allowing innovative project creators and like-minded individuals to come together to connect and grow the ecosystem. Thus, it's a win - win situation for investors and project creators.

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