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How Himiku, a traditional toys company, is planning to fight for children's screen time

Himiku, a Montessori toy store that specializes in wooden building blocks and other wooden toys for kids, thinks that the solution is offering an alternative that’s both fun and educational. We have all heard about the dangers of spending too much time looking at the screen, and while the long term effects in children are still vastly unknown, experts agree that moderation is the way to go. The problem with that, is that mobile phones are very enticing, and it’s hard to find a game that can compete with them for attention. Well, Himiku aims to do just that. Himiku sells Montessori toys, a special category of toy that stimulates learning by encouraging kids to experiment. These toys have loosely written rules so that children can use their imagination to come up with their own. Montessori toys should also be made of materials that are safe to touch and connect to nature (Himiku mainly uses beechwood for its wooden blocks). Loyal to Montessori philosophy, Himiku toys allow kids to experiment and think outside the box by establishing their own Play rules, but there’s more to that: Himiku building blocks are also a fitting metaphor for life. Growing up, our children will inevitably encounter ups and downs, and Play can be a great way to teach them how to get back up on their feet and persevere until they succeed. Building wooden blocks towers means the tower will fall at times, but what’s important is picking up the pieces and building it back up. The same applies to life: setbacks happen, but what’s important is getting back up and keep moving forward. The Original Himiku Blocks, Himiku’s most popular toy, resemble rock pebbles that Japanese people use to stack in the ancient art of Tumi Ishi, an activity that calms the mind and develops patience. In a world where we, and our kids, spend more and more time using electronic devices, companies like Himiku choose to look at the past to create a better solution for our kids’ future. While building blocks aren’t certainly a new thing, what Himiku did was creating a safe and unique spin to this toy niche, offering a beautiful alternative that is designed to help kids’ development, and is also a beautiful house decor item. In the last few years, Himiku became increasingly more popular with parents and is now one of the most sought after providers of building blocks on the market. According to the company, their goal is to keep offering great products that parents can trust, and, although they have plans to offer a broader selection of toys in the future, they are not rushing the process as they are not willing to compromise on quality.

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