How to impress your boss without being a suck-up

PHOTO: Pexel

As much as we hate to admit it, we all want our bosses to love us.

And while some of us might be willing to go the extra mile to impress them, the rest of us don't want to be seen as a suck-up (or just don't know how to do that).

But making your boss like you requires minimal effort. Here are seven easy ways to do it.


It's not just about you or the work that you deliver, how you work with others is important too.

Show a good attitude towards your teammates and your boss will be impressed. Be supportive and volunteer to help if they're lagging behind on important deadlines or if they can't get a task done.

You don't necessarily have to stay on after work hours with them (although that's a plus too), it could be as simple as giving them advice and guiding them towards the right path to get the job done.

Showing that you're willing to help others will score you points at work.


If you have ideas for how to make certain work processes flow better, take the initiative to approach your bosses about them.

Present your ideas in a smart manner and, if they like what you're proposing, you'll certainly impress them without trying too hard.

You'll stand out as the person who took action and did things outside your job scope. But make sure the ideas are useful ones, they'll definitely not forget too, if you make a fool of yourself.


Behave well while at the office and be polite to everyone you work with.

Make sure that all your interactions are pleasant and keep the lines of communication open with both your bosses and those who report to you. Keep your personal dramas away from the office and act professionally at all times.

You might think that you need to act sassy and 'in the know' but there's no need to pretend to be something you're not. Bosses can spot fakery (and suck-ups) so be yourself and treat everyone else nicely too.


Don't just go into the office every day and do your job; keep up with what's going on in the company and the industry so you can pass comments or make suggestions while in meetings or just during casual chats with your boss.

It shows that you see yourself as more than just an employee and are willing to go the extra mile to help your organisation do better.


Don't take part in the gossip sessions that take place at the office pantry every day (or more often, at some workplaces).

Bosses don't appreciate people who spread rumours or are more interested in the personal lives of others rather than their own job.

It makes you appear more professional, if you don't participate in stories that have nothing to do with you.


So you've just completed a report that has taken you ages and caused you a fair amount of stress.

But what happens after you submit it to your boss? Don't just sit back and relax, that won't impress anyone.

More work might not sound ideal at that point but follow-up and ask your boss what you should do next. A dedicated and enthusiastic worker will make any boss smile.


Never be late for work of leave early. Punctuality is important when it comes to deadlines too.

There's no easier way to make your boss like you than to be a fast, efficient worker. So don't procrastinate and get to work on that important proposal now.

And don't be shy if you've met a deadline early - as long as you've done the job well, it will impress your boss that you're quick too.