How this lawyer left the office life to start an e-learning business

How this lawyer left the office life to start an e-learning business

We all crave to live life on our own terms. We want to free ourselves from the dull gnawing of the daily grind, hostile or incompetent bosses, and heavy traffic, among other things. We cling to our desperate dreams of attaining financial security and freedom one day.

Many of us, however, feel that disintegrating the shackles that bind us to our circumstances now is a herculean feat, only achievable by the strongest and the luckiest among us. But crafting a life of meaning and enjoyment is possible for everyone, especially in the digital age where there are so many opportunities and resources.

That is something that mompreneur and lawyer Tamsen Horton discovered. I was able to interview her, and her story is not one without trials, uncertainties, and woes. But it is nevertheless filled with triumphs, successes, prosperity, and a deep and fulfilling happiness.

Let's explore her epic leap from being a traditional tax attorney to an online course creator.

Making ends meet

Horton worked in the corporate world while attending law school so that she could better provide for herself and her growing family. Soon after entering law school, however, she was in for a rude awakening.

"I went to law school and quickly found out what lawyers did and how, as a whole, [they're] not exactly the happiest people-not exactly the best quality of life […]. I didn't know any of that going into it."

Seeking something more aligned to her spirit, she opted to go into tax law, as this provided more of a nine-to-five lifestyle. It was greatly important to her, as she was newly married and pregnant with her first child.

This path sent Horton to land a job with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). She knew exactly where she was headed, or so it seemed.

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