How to look like an expert in your industry

How to look like an expert in your industry

Any business owner knows that one of the hardest things to achieve is the customers' trust.  To look credible, the business representative needs to appear as an expert in the industry they are serving.

However, being an expert goes far beyond being good at what you do and requires a lot more work.

Internet Biz Owners Club founder Pam Siow turned her business into a million-dollar brand which helps hundreds of new and established business owners find success. Here are some tips she offers to help you look like a credible expert in your clients' eyes.

1) Have a professional image

Having a positive image is important in any business. If you do not look the part at first sight, no one is likely to believe that you are an expert.

Business owners must invest in the various facets of their company that can help to project professionalism. This can include anything from renting a good office space to buying presentable attire.

How do you present a professional image? Ms. Siow recommends that business owners should imagine themselves 5 years from now and project that image through presentation.

This will enable you to gain the attention of the right clients while reinforcing the image of yourself as a highly-capable and successful expert.

2) Share & contribute insights regularly

Being an expert means being less of a sales person (as tempting as it may be), and more of a resource to your client.

The key to looking like an expert is to convince your clients that you know much more about the industry than they do. When this happens, they are more likely to trust you because you become a valuable source of  information and knowledge.

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