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Hoymiles Partners with Leading Solar Technology Provider Aptos

Hoymiles Partners with Leading Solar Technology Provider Aptos

HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Hoymiles today announced a new partnership with Aptos Solar Technology. This partnership will entail bringing one of the highest-performing residential microinverter series to the U.S. market.

Yang Bo, Hoymiles founder and CEO, applauds this collaboration as he looks forward to a fruitful partnership with Aptos Solar Technology. "Closing the gap between the endless solar energy and usable solar power has always been what Hoymiles strives for. As we are celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, we are excited to bring solar and microinverters to the next level in the U.S. market together with Aptos. The ten years of hard work and innovation have made us the second top-selling microinverter manufacturer globally, and now, we are going to further tap that potential by making smart energy solutions available to more."

"Hoymiles has been a leader in the global microinverter sector since its inception in 2012. It has a proven track record of commercial success and has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. As a result of its superior technologies, it was successfully listed in China's capital market with $875M raised in December 2021. This is just the beginning as its future with Aptos is very bright," states Alex Kim, President of Aptos Solar Technology. "This partnership will create exciting opportunities, not only for us, but for the entire U.S. market."

Frank Pham, Co-Founder & Managing Officer at Aptos Solar Technology further explains, "While solar panels are going through constant innovations, microinverters weren't successfully keeping up. A fair amount of energy would be left on the roof from clipping, simply because the panel output was far exceeding the microinverter output. We are bridging this gap with this partnership. In terms of technological advancement, there is no one doing it better than Hoymiles. Our partnership will allow us to bring an affordable top-tier product to our distribution network,"

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • 800W 2-in-1 MAC-800 microinverter
  • 400W 1-in-1 MAC-400 microinverter
  • 24/7 microinverter technical support
  • Module level monitoring
  • Over 2GW of micro-inverters deployed across 28 countries
  • Quality-ensured, with defect rate lower than 0.18% and a 25-year warranty

About the Microinverter: The high-performance MAC-800 dual unit microinverter is engineered for maximum AC power output when paired with Aptos Solar Technology's high-power solar panels. The MAC-800 is built for simple system integration and is compatible with third-party devices. The MAC-800 is equipped and ready for system monitoring and trend tracking through Aptos Solar Technology's cloud-based software.

Benefits of MAC-800:

  • Up to 800W
  • Industry-leading 25-year warranty
  • NEMA6 (IP67) enclosure rated for protection in harsh outdoor conditions
  • Battery integration ready
  • Built-in rapid shutdown feature in compliance with National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • 6,000V surge protection feature

About Hoymiles: Present on the market since 2012, today Hoymiles is known as one of the fastest growing microinverter manufacturers in the industry. Its business is centered around MLPE (Module Level Power Electronics), a technology designed to improve and extract even more energy from photovoltaic installations. Hoymiles has three key series of microinverters that enable independent operation of each module and the necessary components. It supplies these products to both global investors and homeowners. In 2015, Hoymiles' microinverter achieved a No. 1 CEC peak efficiency of 96.7%, making it the world's most efficient microinverter. On average, more than 600,000 installations are built worldwide each year using Hoymiles solutions.

About Aptos Solar Technology: Founded in 2019, Aptos Solar is a leading solar technology provider, headquartered in Silicon Valley. With over 35 years of industry experience across the solar value chain, Aptos is pushing the boundaries when it comes to solar panel performance, aesthetics, and cost. Aptos Solar Technology brings revolutionary technology advancements to the solar industry designed to empower solar contractors and end users. Their panels feature much more than a sleek design, the panels undergo extensive long-term reliability testing to ensure optimal performance for 30 years. Aptos Solar Technology solar panels have been tested to surpass industry standards by 3X and are proven to perform excellently in extreme weather conditions. The top-tier panels feature an industry-leading 25-year product warranty and a 30-year power performance warranty.

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