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Huawei Lays Out "Green" High-Speed Network at The PARQ

Huawei Lays Out "Green" High-Speed Network at The PARQ

SHENZHEN, China, April 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The PARQ is the first development in Thailand to be built in accordance with LEED principles (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and WELL building standards' certification1. It reflects the intersection of a new creative workplace with a progression in lifestyle and working spaces that promote wellbeing, sustainability and direct accessibility to everyday needs that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Ensure high-speed connectivity in all public areas

To reflect the emphasis on green technologies and environment-friendly solutions, the project's ICT system had to be comprehensive, stable and innovative.

The ICT network infrastructure has to be modernized with resiliency in order to provide end-users with high-speed connectivity in all public zones such as basement parking, elevators, retail floors, office lobbies and outdoor areas.

Huawei proposed a two-fold system:

  • Passive Optical LAN (POL) answers the customer's requirements and technical challenges. Huawei POL solution, combined with several Access Points in different zones, provides seamless high-speed Wi-Fi access to end-users in all public areas. POL is the ultimate solution to provide high bandwidth, low latency and high reliability
  • Wi-Fi 6, the sixth generation of Wi-Fi standards, is the fastest WLAN technology to date, set to become the best Wi-Fi solution with standards of IEEE 802.11ax launched in 2019. It provides four times higher network bandwidth and four times more concurrent users than Wi-Fi 5. Latency is three times lower than Wi-Fi 5. In addition to superior performance, Huawei Wi-Fi 6 Access Points greatly enhance possibilities for IoT, bringing countless applications to The PARQ.

    Moreover, all Huawei POL + Wi-Fi solutions can be managed with eSight, enabling a unified Network Management System (NMS).

    Wi-Fi 6 also enables high-speed and seamless connections for The PARQ's mobile application. To enhance the occupants experience, the mobile application provides useful information and features for shoppers, visitors and office workers, such as store directory, precision marketing, indoor navigation, smart parking, smart access control and real-time air quality index such as PM2.5, PM10, temperature as well as relative humidity.

    In addition, smart poles with smart features such as lighting, CCTV, Public Address Speaker and Panic Button also provide high speed Wi-Fi access throughout all outdoor areas using Huawei Wi-Fi 5 Access Point installed within the poles.

As Huawei was involved in The PARQ project from the early design stages, it was able to integrate the client's ICT concepts and requirements.

  • The POL + Wi-Fi 6 cutting-edge solutions proposed by Huawei answered The PARQ's need for a high-throughput and high-resiliency network.
  • Visitors can gain access to high-speed Wi-Fi access in all indoor and outdoor areas.
  • Future oriented network to support further expansion.

Huawei solution matches perfectly with the project's green philosophy and orientations, while anticipating future IoT developments.

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