Huazhang Technology Announces Positive Profit Alert Expects an Increase over 35% in Net Profit for 2017/18 Annual Results

Huazhang Technology Announces Positive Profit Alert Expects an Increase over 35% in Net Profit for 2017/18 Annual Results

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 21 August 201 8 - Huazhang Technology Holding Limited ("Huazhang" and its subsidiaries, together, the "Group", stock code: 1673) is pleased to announce a positive profit alert. T he net profit of the Group for the year ended 30 June 2018 is expected to increase by at least 35% compared to that for the corresponding period of last year.

The increase in the net profit of the Group was mainly attributable to success in the acquisition of the headbox business in September 2017 which contributed additional revenue and profits to the Group; and success to diversify its business from purely manufacturers to comprehensive service providers . T he businesses of project contracting service and supporting services are fast growing, as a result, revenue and profits of the Group were increased.

The Group has completed the acquisition of Hangzhou MCN Paper Tech Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Haorong Technology Co., Ltd. in September 2017. The two companies own patents and know-how in headbox production. The acquisition was able to diversify the Group's products and grant the Group access to one of the core technologies of paper-making production equipment. Furthermore, i n November 2017, the Group completed the acquisition of a logistics and warehousing business in benefits on promoting all-rounded services to papermaking enterprises.

Mr. Zhu Gen Rong, Chairman of Huazhang Technology Holding Limited , said, " The PRC p aper-making industry is in the period of strategic restructuring. As a comprehensive service provider in paper-making industry , Huazhang l everages on the accumulated experience in the industry over the years to take the lead in the market. In the past year, we promoted our all-rounded services to papermaking enterprises continuously by various initiatives, including the acquisitions of headbox business as well as logistics and warehouse business. In future, we w ill export more complete-set equipment by seizing the national 'One Belt, One Road' opportunity , and deliver sustainable business growth for creating returns for shareholders and investors ."

About Huazhang Technology Holding Limited

Huazhang Technology Holding Limited is an integrated service provider in paper-making industry and its principal business includes project contracting service, research and development, manufacture and sale of industrial automation systems, sludge treatment products and headbox, and after-sales and add-valued services. The Group has been in the paper-making industry for over 17 years. The Group's self-manufacturing system and equipment are custom-built in accordance with the specifications and requirements provided by the Group's customers, which include various papermaking enterprises in the PRC. The group strives to become a leading solution provider and comprehensive service provider for the papermaking industry in the PRC.

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