Hujiang EdTech's New Adaptive Learning Brand, Hitalk, Receives 98% Positive Feedback in Three Weeks

SHANGHAI, Aug. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Hujiang EdTech ("Hujiang"), China's leading online education company has recently held the launching ceremony of its new online English teaching brand Hitalk in Shanghai. Tailored specifically for adult English learners, Hitalk has received over 98% positive feedback after being launched only three weeks ago.

Hujiang EdTech CEO Arnold Fu and Actress Tang Wei Celebrating the Launching Ceremony of Hitalk
Hujiang EdTech CEO Arnold Fu and Actress Tang Wei Celebrating the Launching Ceremony of Hitalk

Actress Tang Wei, founder and CEO of Hujiang Arnold Fu, and talk show translator Sensual Guru attended the ceremony last week. Tang Wei, as the face of Hitalk, performed at the event by reading the famous poem The Road Not Taken and shared her experience of English learning. She said, "I'm very glad that I learned English, and persevered in things I wanted to learn. Hitalk, as a new product and approach of English learning, offers the opportunity to more adults who want to learn English but don't have the access or time to."

At the event, Arnold Fu, also presented an over 7 million USD scholarship fund on-site with Tang Wei to encourage online English learning under its new brand Hitalk.

Hujiang is the largest online education platform in China with more than 150 million users. Leveraging its rich teaching resources including global teachers and online courses, the launch of Hitalk could help further retain its large group of users by meeting the needs of adult users.

Only three weeks after Hitalk's launch, the favorable rate has reached 98%. Li Sai, a Hitalk user commented, "Hitalk is pretty good, my teacher is patient and my supervisor is like a friend to me."

"I don't live in an English-speaking country, if I were able to practice with native speakers, I could speak good English," said Hitalk user Zhao Shuang, who, like many other English learners, finds that traditional language learning and tests don't help them learn.

"The learning process achieved by Hitalk is closer to the natural native language acquisition, as it uses situational dialogue. Hitalk integrates data analysis technology, intelligent adaptive learning, and real-world role play to realize situation-based learning. Its welcoming engaging platform helps to bring together global teachers and Chinese English language learners," said Arnold Fu.

About Hujiang EdTech

Founded in 2001, Hujiang EdTech stands out from the booms and busts of the tech scene in China by offering solid answers to the two questions: How can technology change the education industry? What is an educational technology platform, really? Started as an online BBS community offering online courses and now China's leading online education company, Hujiang EdTech strives to make high-quality education more accessible and enjoyable through mobile learning applications, online courses, and interactive online teaching platform. Serving over 150 million users (including 120 million mobile users) in China, Hujiang EdTech offers a wide range of online educational programs, including international & domestic examination preparation, foreign language learning, professional skills training, and more.

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