Huobi China CEO Meets With Malaysian PM Mahathir

HAIKOU, China, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Huobi China CEO Hubery Yuming Yuan and officials from the firm My Wood & GMGT recently met with Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad to discuss blockchain technology and how it can be applied to Malaysia's green power and timber industries. 

Prime Minister Mahathir and Huobi China CEO Hubery Yuan
Prime Minister Mahathir and Huobi China CEO Hubery Yuan

The Malaysian Prime Minister welcomed the arrival of the meeting team and they discussed the application and development prospects of blockchain technology as well as My Wood CEO Mohd Yunus's plans to incorporate blockchain technology into his company's green power and timber business.

The Prime Minister expressed his appreciation and support for the project, and discussed "how to apply blockchain in manufacturing and energy industries" and "how the blockchain will land in Malaysia" with the meeting team.

About Huobi China:

Huobi China is devoted to leading the industrial upgrade in the blockchain industry, importing the power of blockchain into all kinds of areas. Relying on its five business units – Huobi Research, Huobi University (China), Huobi Labs (China), Huobi Talent, and Huobi BitLegal, Huobi China is aiming to build up specialized pan-life-cycle services, provide customized solutions for governments and enterprises, jointly establish a new economy on the ground of blockchain, and elevate industrial efficiency and train up specialists.

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