Hutech Massage Chair First Unveiling of "Sonic Wave Car Seat" at CES 2022, Strengthening global presence

Hutech Massage Chair First Unveiling of "Sonic Wave Car Seat" at CES 2022, Strengthening global presence
  • Hutech participates in CES 2022, the IT and home appliance exhibition at the world's largest scale this January
  • Plan to introduce a sonic wave car seat, sonic wave foot massager, sonic wave stretching mat
  • Plan to establish an overseas presence by launching a lineup of products incorporating original sonic vibration technology

GIMPO, South Korea, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Hutech Industry (CEO Seong-Jin Joo), a company dedicated to health care, is accelerating its entry to overseas markets by unveiling its "sonic wave car seat" for the first time at CES 2022, the world's largest IT and home appliance exhibition.


HUTECH is a specialized company in the area of Healthcare, based on the philosophy - 'A healthier world for everyone'. Founded in 2007, HUTECH becomes renowned after being awarded 'Innovation award of CES 2022' and topped 'Korea customer satisfaction index' in 2021, for its unrivaled technology.

By using these recent achievement as a cornerstone, HUTECH plans to push forward the overseas business with it's unique 'Sonic wave massage' technology.

CES 2022, which will be held in Las Vegas, USA in January, is an event hosted by the Consumer Technology Association of America and will be the largest in the world with 4,500 companies and institutions from 160 countries participating. Hutech will unveil "Hutech's sonic wave car seat" for the first time at CES 2022 and showcase future-oriented technology as a future-oriented mobility company.

Hutech Industry technologies' lineup introduced at CES 2022 include massage chair, sonic wave car seat, sonic wave foot massager, sonic wave stretching mat.

Hutech's sonic wave car seat exterior took the motif from Hutech's core technology, the sonic wave massage system, and shaped the soft and organic line of the waveform of the sonic vibration. The voluminous curve is harmoniously designed, and Hutech's CI color system "Rest Green," which means the recovery of new energy, is applied to the outline of the seat to express complete relaxation and identity the Hutech styling.

Here, eco-friendly leather material is applied as an environmental protection practice for a sustainable future.

In addition, the sonic wave car seat is designed with a finely segmented ergonomic design. The seat position can be adjusted according to the user's body, such as forward/backward, up/down, headrest, and leg support to provide the ultimate in comfortable seating experience.

The part of the car seat that supports a person's back is equipped with Hutech's core technology, a sonic wave massage system. Hutech's "Sonic Wave Massage System" is an application of its original massage technology from the sonic vibration magnetic circuit to a massage system, started by strategic cooperation with Evosonics, professional sonic vibration health care group.

The frequency (Hz) optimized for massage delivers sonic wave to the depths of the muscles through six different sonic wave massage modules and effectively delivers the vibrations for enhanced massage, far exceeding even the professional level.

The key to massage through sonic wave to mobility, rather than the conventional tapping massage module method, is safety. It is equipped with a "sonic vibration massage system" that delivers deep massage to the muscles just by touching the skin, providing the best massage solution in a mobility environment where safety is a top priority.

Furthermore, the music sync massage technology, which combines an entertainment element along with the depth of sonic vibration massage, provides a three-dimensional massage in which the sound waves change according to the rhythm of the sound source, providing emotional relaxation and healing.

The Managing Director of General Development of Hutech, Hwa-Don Ju said "Hutech's future-oriented technology goes beyond the simple role of a means of transportation in the mobility industry, connecting customers' lifestyles, and proposing a tomorrow where the mobile space becomes a relaxing space."

In addition, it is expected to release a new sonic wave foot massager and sonic wave stretching mat that reflects the trend of self-medication that has emerged as the importance of health care rises.

On the other hand, Hutech entered the US market last September after forming a partnership with US Furniture For Life, who appreciated the functional expertise of the sonic wave massage system after participating in CES 2020.

Hutech selected KAI, a high-end massage chair line, as its export strategy model to meet the needs of American consumers who value personal health care. It was praised as a technology that has never been experienced in the local area, based on the KAI GTS9 Art Motion and KAI GTS7 Art Motion with the best specifications of sonic vibration massage.

Future Hutech plans include the launch of additional products in a wide range of business fields to comprehensively meet customer needs using its unique sonic wave technology. The overseas market offers solid potential for the health-giving technology of sonic wave.



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