ICP DAS Biomedical Polymers Announces To Offer Taiwan High-Quality Medical TPU

ICP DAS Biomedical Polymers Announces To Offer Taiwan High-Quality Medical TPU

The raw material provider ICP DAS-BMP is now targeting the global market with its medical-grade TPU

TAIPEI, Feb, 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ICP DAS- Biomedical Polymers ("ICP DAS-BMP") is a medical TPU supplier in Taiwan. Today, the company officially announced that it begins to offer its medical thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to the medical devices market worldwide.


ICP DAS Biomedical Polymers Announces To Offer Taiwan High-Quality Medical TPU
ICP DAS Biomedical Polymers Announces To Offer Taiwan High-Quality Medical TPU

According to the market study by MarketsandMarkets, the market size of TPU is expected to reach USD 3.5 billion by 2024, at a CAGR of 7.1%, indicating that the automotive and medical industries are driving the market. Considering that the use of medical TPU is expected to increase rapidly, ICP DAS-BMP aims to supply biostable and high-quality medical TPU to customers worldwide. As expected, ICP DAS-BMP has received repeated inquiries from various countries in Europe, the US, Ukraine and India. Besides, one of the medical catheter manufacturers in Taiwan has adopted Alithane ALP series for new product development.

The medical TPU offered by ICP DAS-BMP can be used in diverse fields such as cardiology, urology, orthodontics, wound care, and many other applications. There are three main types of medical TPU, namely Alithane ALP series, Durathane ALC series and Arothane ARP series. Each product type is available in transparent specifications, radiopaque B20 specifications (contains barium sulfate 20%) and radiopaque B40 specifications (contains barium sulfate 40%).

Product Types

  • Alithane ALP Series: It has complete hardness specifications, good solvent resistance, biological stability, and ultraviolet (UV) stability.
  • Durathane ALC Series: It has higher-grade properties, such as non-yellowing, high resistance to oxidation stability, good mechanical properties and biocompatibility, etc., and offers various hardness, color, and X-ray properties, especially suitable for long-term implantation in the body.
  • Arothane ARP Series: It ranges from 70A to 85D, which has better mechanical properties than the Durathane ALC series.

About ICP DAS - Biomedical Polymers

ICP DAS - BMP was officially established in June 2018, and our factory is a production plant planned following the ISO13485 standard, where consists of raw material warehouses, TPU production lines, quality control facilities, and finished goods warehouses.

In addition to the production site, this factory also includes R&D laboratories for TPU polymerization and processing, as well as physical and chemical analysis. All medical TPU supplied by ICP DAS – BMP meet the requirements of USP Class VI classification and certain ISO10993 tests have been performed such as MEM Elution (ISO 10993-5) and both skin irritation and sensitization tests (ISO 10993-10). Collectively, ICP DAS-BMP can effectively reduce your biocompatibility concerns for your medical devices. For more information, please visit: https://bmp.icpdas.com/

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