Ifoods Chain Chosen as Food Safety Partner by Chinese People's Public Security University for Sporting Event

BEIJING, May 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Ifoods chain signed the relevant strategic cooperation agreement. The super probe food quick inspection system under the food safety chain will be the only designated food safety partner of the "Fifty-sixth National Track and Field Sports Meeting of Capital High Schools" sponsored by Chinese People's Public Security University to ensure the smooth progress of the competition.

As a traditional sports event with a long history of 63 years, it is one of the favorite sports events of young students in the capital, who love sports. In 2018, the fifty-sixth Beijing University track and field sports meeting will be hosted by Chinese People's Public Security University. At that time, more than 70 colleges and universities in the capital will attend the conference.

Ifoods chain's super probe food quick inspection system will be used for this sports competition. Ifoods chain is a scientific and technological enterprise using structured central data + intelligent hardware + block chain technology in food quick inspection and is committed to becoming a block chain standard maker in the global food field. It is portable and easy to operate.

In use, the high precision sensing device will detect all kinds of structured data of food by using the hardware super probe connected to the mobile Dapp Bluetooth and compare the data with Ifoods chain in the global collection of structured food database. Through a built-in algorithm, the data will eventually explain to the consumers the quality of the food they are eating within 60-120 seconds. In the future, meat, seafood, fruits and vegetables can be quickly detected by this super probe.

Behind the food quality judgement which assists users quickly and intuitively, super probes have merged a lot of new technologies. According to Kallon, a founder of Ifoods chain, "Super probe is an intelligent hardware based on large data analysis, high precision MEMS sensing chip, block chain, large structured central database mining and other new technologies. It has good performance in reliable data, easy operation and lift efficiency."

It is reported that both sides of the Ifoods chain and the Chinese People's Public Security University will cooperate more widely in the field of food safety application research in the new food technology + block chain in the field of food safety. In the future, Ifoods chain will develop the central database of meat, aquatic and organic food. It is believed that the rapid detection of organic food will become a reality in the near future and provide more security for the global organic food consumers.

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