To Improve Consensus and Mutual Understanding between China and Japan: Xiaoi Interprets China AI Industry

TOKYO, April 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 29th, the five-day "China-Japan mutual understanding improvement project, 2018" came to an end. AI is the core theme of this technology exchange activity. Pinpin Zhu, founder and CEO of Xiaoi, a world-renowned AI company from China, shared with Japanese guests AI development in China and AI application experience gained from Xiaoi's years of development.

Xiaoi has the largest scale of AI applications in the world. It holds advanced natural language processing technologies, and its smart customer service application based on "natural language interaction" occupies over 90% of the market shares in China. Besides, Xiaoi has also initiated smart government, smart healthcare, smart finance and several other solutions. Its business covers multiple countries and regions in Asia, thousands of large enterprises and over 800 million end users.

To seek consensus between technology professionals and enterprises, improve mutual understanding and cooperation, experts from both countries organized deep discussions around IoT, FinTech, big data security and other topics. The results will be delivered to Japanese Foreign Ministry as project achievement.