Incheon Metropolitan City to promote newly opened Incheon Seaside cafes to charm tourists

INCHEON, South Korea, Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Incheon Metropolitan City, South Korea's gateway city with Incheon International Airport, is making various efforts to attract overseas tourists. One of its activities is the publication of the Chinese newspaper "Incheon's Window." In this issue of "Incheon's Window," four cafes were introduced.

'I'm fine' Cafe
'I'm fine' Cafe

I'm fine Cafe, Caission 24, How are you gd, and Tramonto are the chosen cafes which are promoted by Incheon Metroplitan City. All Cafes are supported by the City for promotional purposes from this year. An official in the City says, "Even if there are lots of beautiful sights in Incheon, many tourists are not aware of local spots here, so we decided to offer support to the community. From starting promoting these 4 Cafes, we hope we can spread our brilliant spots to many travelers people."

He added, "Another way to enjoy Incheon's ocean in Korea is at the seaside cafes, adorned with flavors, scents, and the ocean."

  • Artwork with the ocean 'I'm fine'

In Gangwha-do, there is a special cafe with pink exterior that grabs visitor's attention. The Cafe I'm Fine glows warmly in pink with the backdrop of blue, and fills the otherwise quiet beach with styles like a piece of art. The cafe is filled with pink inside too, with refreshing pink tables, dishes, straws, and cute flamingo inspired decorations.   


  • Harmony with the ocean, 'Caisson 24'

Caisson 24 is a two-story cultural complex where one can enjoy food and performances, the harmony of the ocean, wind, and beautiful melodies. Located at the end of Songdo Island, Caisson 24 sits next to Solchan park and other greeneries, frequently visited by tourists and couples on the weekends.  

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  • Take on the ride with the ocean 'How are you gd'

The view of Incheon's ocean from 'How are you gd' feels exotic. The cafe's white ambiance, completed with white interior, kitchen wares, and decorations make you feel like you are visiting Santorini. How are you gd is located on Gooeup Baetuh, so visitors can enjoy the ride either by car or boat.


  • Ocean's gift of rejuvenation, 'Tramonto'

Dip your feet in the warm water, and take a sip of fresh coffee while enjoying the view of the ocean. This is a relaxation exclusive to Tramonto. Tramonto is popular with visitors not only from the guests of nearby vacation rentals, but also daytrippers who visit the cafe to have a relaxing time with a view of the ocean. There are four small foot baths on the first floor, and the large windows embrace the view of Ganghwado beach and Seokmo-do.  


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