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Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) 2020 -- Pursuing the Opportunity to Increase Indonesian Furniture Competitiveness and Export Value

Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) 2020 -- Pursuing the Opportunity to Increase Indonesian Furniture Competitiveness and Export Value

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As the organization that houses Indonesian furniture industry players, HIMKI regularly conducts events to promote the industry's growth to the local and international public. One of HIMKI's annual event is the Indonesia International Furniture Expo (IFEX) that has been successful in introducing and promoting Indonesian quality furniture to the global audience. In 12-15 March 2020, HIMKI is scheduled to host this largest business-to-business (B2B) furniture exhibition in Indonesia and the region. Dyandra Promosindo is also one of the organizers of this event.

The furniture industry is still regarded as one of the main backbones for the Indonesian economy. The industry absorbs a huge amount of human resources and the number is increasing from time to time. The data from the Ministry of Industry shows an increase in furniture export value. Last year, Indonesian furniture export valued was recorded at US$1.69 billion. On average, the industry is experiencing a growth of 4 per cent per annum.

The Indonesian furniture industry is projected to remain growing considering the country has several advantages such as the high number of human resources and abundant raw material supply. To date, Indonesian forest land reaches around 120 million hectares, of which 12 million hectares are categorized as production forests. Indonesia is also famous as the world's largest rattan producer with 312 types of rattan that the industry can utilize.

To realize further growth, the country's furniture industry needs continuous innovations in terms of the design, the technology, the marketing strategy, and the after-sales service to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Region-wise, Indonesian furniture export is still lagging behind Vietnam, which currently sits on 7th place. Globally, the furniture export market is dominated by China followed by Germany, Italy, Poland, and the United States.

The Opportunity to Increase Export.

All these years, IFEX has managed to provide the medium to grow the industry. It attracts thousands of buyers and visitors and offers a golden opportunity to local industry players to exhibit their best products to these international audiences. Last year, IFEX managed to draw 12 thousand visitors and recorded an on-the-spot transaction of US$370 million.

Besides promoting the growth of Indonesian furniture industry, one of IFEX 2020 targets is to take advantage of the US market that is left by China due to the trade war between the two countries. In addition to Europe, the US is one of the major export destinations for Indonesian furniture products. Soenoto says Indonesia is not the only country to target the US market. He, therefore, encourages the country's industry players to find the right strategy to win the US market that was previously dominated by Chinese products.   


HIMKI is the result of the merger of two previous organizations in furniture and craft industry namely AMKRI and ASMINDO. The merger was strongly supported by President Joko Widodo to create a single entity that is strong and huge that also serves as the government's partner in supporting the industry to encourage the competitiveness of furniture and craft products in the domestic and international markets.  

HIMKI was officially declared on May 31 2016 in Jakarta and was later confirmed on July 28 2016 at the Ministry of Industry and on the same day was approved by President Joko Widodo at Istana Negara. 

HIMKI was established based on similarity in the vision, mission, and purposes among its members to collectively support the country's furniture and craft industry. The organization is expected to become the institution that is aspirational and accommodating with the spirit of equality among its members.

About Dyandra Promosindo

Dyandra Promosindo is a Professional Event Organizer (PEO) in Indonesia, and is a sub-holding company of PT Dyandra Media International, Tbk (DYAN). Since its established in 1994, Dyandra Promosindo has managed to record impressive track record of exhibitions throughout Indonesia. Dyandra Promosindo has organized more than 850 exhibitions in Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bali, Makassar, Medan and other major cities in Indonesia.

To date, Dyandra Promosindo has 11 subsidiaries in event/exhibition organizer, concert promotor, and digital agency businesses. These subsidiaries are, among others, PT Dyandra Communication (Dyacomm), PT Fasen Creative Quality (Quad), PT Visicita Imaji Semesta (Visicomm), PT Idea Besar Komunika (Ideacomm), PT Visi Sarana Media Digital (Underlined), PT Dyan Mas Entertainment (DME Asia), and PT Dyandra Global Edutainment.  

With more than 1,000 exhibitors annually, including foreign exhibitors, Dyandra Promosindo has proven itself as the trusted business partner while improving itself to realize a better exhibition culture in Indonesia. Dyandra Promosindo has organized various exhibitions such as B2B exhibition, B2C exhibition, music concerts, world-scale conferences and summits.

Dyandra Promosindo is the first PEO in Indonesia with ISO 9001:2008 certification for management quality system. The exhibitions organized by Dyandra Promosindo, among others, are: Indonesia International Motor Show, Indonesia International Furniture Expo, Indonesian Petroleum Association Convex, International Franchise, License and Business Concept Expo & Conference, and many more.

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