Indonesian Ministry of Youth & Sports (Kemenpora) Announces Indonesia's Top Cities & Young Achievers to Optimize the Demographic Bonus

39 selected youths and cities got involved with full support from the Ministry to build communities in respective regions.

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- In commemoration of the 90th Youth Pledge Day, the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) through the Deputy Ministry of Youth Development awarded 39 Indonesian young achievers and 20 cities focusing on the lives of youth, or "Kota Layak Pemuda", on Monday (10/29) at Balai Samudera Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. Entitled "Bangun Pemuda, Satukan Indonesia," the youth award was attended by Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports, Imam Nahrawi; Deputy Minister of Youth Development, Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh; the Echelon I and II of Kemenpora; Deputy of the Coordinating Ministry of Human Development & Cultural Affairs; as well as regents and mayors throughout Indonesia.

Indonesian Minister of Youth & Sports, Imam Nahrawi, awarded young achievers and top cities of Kota Layak Pemuda at Balai Samudera Jakarta on Monday (29/10).
Indonesian Minister of Youth & Sports, Imam Nahrawi, awarded young achievers and top cities of Kota Layak Pemuda at Balai Samudera Jakarta on Monday (29/10).

"Through this award, the government reinforced their commitment to young generations, particularly towards youth developments in the country. They were selected through a strict, tiered and comprehensive selection for the past few months, which has been going on since the beginning of 2018," said Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh, Deputy of Youth Ministry of Youth and Sport Development.

The 39 outstanding youths were then selected through their contribution in building the city and community. Divided into several categories, they include:

  • Pemuda Pelopor, or young pioneers, in education; the first winner was chosen from West Sulawesi through the development of the education village.
  • Pemuda Pelopor, or young pioneers, in natural resources, environment, and tourism; the first winner were from West Sumatera, after preserving mangroves and coral reefs in his city.
  • Pemuda Pelopor, or young pioneers, in technological innovation was won by DKI Jakarta, through a creation of new application to overcome waste disposal problem.
  • Pemuda Pelopor, or young pioneers, in food sector, as well as religion and culture, were achieved by West Sumatera and East Java's youths.

Other categories of young achiever awards comprise of outstanding entrepreneurs in food and culinary, trade and services; top drivers of high-achieving entrepreneurs; international young achievers, and young achievers with disabilities.

Kemenpora also sets standardization to improve the quality of young generation, one of which is through 20 chosen cities of "Kota Layak Pemuda". The main goal of setting specific cities' criteria is to ensure all young people from age 16 to 30 years can get access to develop their potential, as stipulated in the Act and Regulation of the Minister of Youth and Sports No.11 of 2017.

Selection process of "Kota Layak Pemuda" were based on specific criteria, such as local government regulations of youth services, budgeting and facilitation, youth activities, program availability, and infrastructure for youth organizing. Split into three categories, top winners of each Utama, Madya, and Pratama's categories are Sumenep Regency in East Java; Jeneponto Regency in South Sulawesi; and Pamekasan Regency in East Java.

Young generations play an important role as agents of change in their community. "Therefore, all youths in Indonesia should be focusing on intellectual, high-integrity, and express the character of true leaders. These things are highly important to embrace any opportunities and challenges faced in Indonesia, by upholding the values of the national unity," said Imam Nahrawi, Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports. "Furthermore, we are now facing the demographic, in which the population of productive age is much larger than the less productive population. This will bring new advantages for Indonesia to optimize all the potentials."

Demographic bonus occurs when the number of productive age (15-64 years) reaches 70% of the total population. In other words, this 70% will be seen as life supporters of 30% of non-productive age (under 15 years of age above 65 years). According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), the demographic bonus in Indonesia will reach the peak in 2025-2030.

"Unlike any other countries, Indonesia is heading toward a demographic bonus. We need to optimize the potential through intensive youth coaching and encourage them to contribute more in community organizations. We will build a strong character of leaders, thus Indonesia will gain most-respected recognition in the world," added Asrorun Ni'am Sholeh.

About Ministry of Youth and Sports of Republic of Indonesia (Kemenpora):

The Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenpora) is a ministry within the Government of Indonesia that is in charge of youth and sports affairs of Indonesia. In order to perform their duties, Kemenpora has a vision: to increase youth potential resources by utilizing cross-sectoral partnerships among levels of government; manifesting youths' character, capacity, and competitiveness through the preparation of youth cadres according to the characteristics of youth who have the spirit of stability, volunteerism, and responsibility; increase the potential of sports resources by utilizing cross-sectoral, intergovernmental, and community partnerships; as well as realizing athlete achievement in competition at regional and international levels.

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