Indonesia's Baker Time Introduces a New Croffle Craze

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As snacks are rising in popularity amid the pandemic, Baker Time today announces the launch of its brand, highlighting its latest innovative snack food, croffles. Baker Time is Indonesia's artisanal croffles inspired by the Japanese desserts and snacks, such as matcha dipping sauce, cheese brûlée, karaage bites, and crispy chicken burger.

Next Level Croffle : Baker Time
Next Level Croffle : Baker Time

Crafted with croissant dough pressed in a waffle maker, croffle, or a combination of croissant-waffle, brings a sweet blend of soft and flaky features of a croissant with the crisp and sweetness of a waffle. The distinctiveness of croffle is shown through their toppings, which is served in both sweet and savory flavors.

"Research stated that 52% of the global community has made snacking a new habit during the pandemic, as it offers bite-size moments of satisfaction and peace to help people distract from a trying year," said Michael, Founder of Baker Time. "As croffles continue to rise in Asia, Baker Time comes with a menu that is unique and different, from the savory croffle burgers with fried chicken to the mainstay sweet menu with torched cheese brûlée."

Leading the charge for the savoury croffles are Japanese flavors: savory croffle served with Baker Time's signature Karaage Bites, the Baker Time Special: Fried Chicken Croffle Burger, and Cheese Croffle.  

The Burger Croffle brings together Baker Time's artisanal croffle with juicy and tender fried chicken for an exquisite dining experience. The variant features chicken fried to crispy paired with Baker Time's signature buttery artisanal croffle.

For fans of sweet delights, Baker Time offers its signature sweet flavor, Cheese Brûlée Croffle. It gets topped with cream cheese and then torched with caramelized sugar to a crunchy taste of crème brûlée topping.

For a lighter meal option, Baker Time also comes with bite-size croffle alongside with a variety of dipping sauces like strawberry cream cheese, caramel, and tiramisu. "From the sweet and creamy strawberry to the smooth and delicate caramel and tiramisu, we bring your favorite on-the-go snack to the whole new level," said Michael.

Baker Time's first outlet is set to open in South Jakarta on September 2021.

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